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Hoard optimization plan : based on drop rates

I’m a beginner at this game.(Hero LV 300+)
I’ve never invested hoard, and I’m thinking some plans.
Please review this plan, and let me know if you have any advice.


Coin Purse (C) :10
Gold Ring (GR) :38
Priest’s Chalice (P) :20
King’s Crown (K) :10
Genie’s Lamp (GL) :4
Sacred Treasure (S) :2


optimization plan

  • Quality Level 10
  • Hoard Level 100
  • based on treasure troop’s drop rates

drop rates(official)

base(%) x ratio

base(%) x 1.6

Hoard Level is 103 (too many)


Total XP is just 5,050.(= Hoard LV 100)
This is conclusion.

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Some delves are more difficult than others and require a hoard greater than 100. My advice would be to save your Genie Lamps and Sacred Treasures for those.


I usually use the ultra rares to get to Quality 10 and then switch to Epics. For the final push to 100 and 100+, I switch to Legendary treasure troops. I do not use the common and rare treasures as they waste too much gold.

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Throw all that plan away…

Just go with more simple plan:

  • Which delve do I want to do/attempt? → max Hoard Quality there, go only with 100% quality chances.

One hint would be, to max out your hoard on Tuesday, and focus on faction that is provided.

Once you get all your hoards up to 10 Quality, you can start attempting on maxing your progress and pure faction attempts. Suggested lvls for attempting pure faction runs: 100, 200(?), 300, 500 - anything else can be skipped and done with non-faction team.

Also as some people already said → hoard lvl 100 is realy to low for some factions and you’ll have to put more gold and treasures and go to some insane numbers like 200+ 300+ to do a pure faction run.

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I haven’t looked at your calculations in detail yet, but I hope to later this week.

Mathematically, I’ve always struggled to come up with an optimisation criterion. At one stage, I was thinking to switch up a treasure when it no longer gives you 3 levels. While using the Treasure drop-rates and Gold costs should be the correct starting point, I’m not sure how to balance them.

For the record, here’s what I’ve used, depending on my Hoard Level goal (Treasures are numbered from 1=Common to 6=Mythic – “4x 3” means 5 level 3 treasures, 4 times):

L100: 10x 2, 10x 3, 33334, 2x 4 (1.3m Gold)
L100: 3x 2, 4x 3, 33334, 2x 4, 44445, 55566 (546k Gold)
L155: 34444, 7x 4 (L88), 44445, 4x 5 (L138), 6 (1.13m Gold)
L200: 34444, 7x 4 (L88), 44445, 7x 5 (L162), 55566, 2x 6 (1.97m Gold)

(Levels in brackets are so I know when to switch.)

All of these should yield Quality 10 automatically. The first one is expensive, but uses only low-level Treasures, so is a good option for your first few Delves, before you have more Chaos Shards than you need.

Level 155 is a great target, because it gives you an extra point of Magic from rounding if your Kingdom is level 14. Same goes for L177 and L199.

I’m aiming to get all my Hoards to Level 200 (199 would do, but … you know … round numbers…), and it should be the minimum for any Delve you’re working to max without Potions. But it does take a long time to get that many Legendary and Mythic Treasures.

One thing you’ll note with all my patterns is that I use smaller treasures early on to avoid unwanted overflow at the end. I also have patterns for boosting L100, L144 and L155 to higher tiers, if anyone’s interested.

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@Laeguilas - One thing I just noted is that your total number of treasures is not divisible by 5. That should be an optimality requirement, as you’re wasting gold, otherwise.

I’ll also mention that, as far as I’m concerned, Quality 10, Hoard Level 100 has always been the minimum goal. Anything less than that is not even worth considering.

I do agree with @Sytro that it makes sense to use the Tuesday Events as a Guide for which Hoards to level. The question, on that front, is whether you buy up to the weapon every week (from memory, that should get you into the 200s), or buy the bare minimum for all rewards: Tier I. It may depend on how many Gems and how much time you have on a Tuesday.

Certainly, for the last two weekend events (assuming they don’t start cycling again), buy Tier VII at least 6 times to reach 2500 Reknown, if you can.

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I doubt that is a viable strategy for lvl 300… IMO at that point you’re pretty much better with spending your gold for:

  • doing all kingdoms up to lvl 10
  • getting a bit of Hoard quality 10 each delve AFTER getting kingdoms done

Not sure when i’d advice to go after 500 runs, but that probably shouldn’t be before you get like kingdom power level 5 everywhere (1st of all, you need few decent troops to be capable of doing non-faction 500).

But yeah, once he starts hitting 300 with daily delve attempts it might be a good time to start going for weekly pure faction (although, at that point there might be no weekend faction release…)


Fair enough. Getting all Kingdoms to level 10 is still very much the first priority. As is joining a strong Guild/Guild Family.

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