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Hoard Master: new tool for optimizing your hoard upgrades

Find the optimal hoard upgrade strategy tailored to your own treasure budget and save thousands of gold today with Hoard Master™️:



Nice tool. Odd results … why the 1 item in group 3?

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Thanks for the feedback! I also noticed that some setups produce this single-troop combo, but I actually can’t find a better solution for those cases myself and I suspect that it is actually optimal. If you manage to find out how to improve it, please let me know.
Regarding the second image - this happened because you set the initial level and quality to 0, which is lower than the minimum (1). Looks like browsers let invalid values through (Firefox paints a red border for me, but that’s it), so I may need to implement some corrective code. The solution is correct though, except for the quality numbers.
EDIT: Added input validation, this shouldn’t happen anymore.

Is there an option to tell it not to care about leftover XP and just go for the cheapest option?

This is great, I was using a spreadsheet for this but this is much better! ;-D

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Leftover XP is for entering the XP you currently have. The goal is always to have 0 leftover XP after reaching the target level. EDIT: To be precise, leftover XP at the target level is actually ignored, the tool just optimizes the gold cost and tries to reach the target level or higher.

You’re welcome to try manually optimizing the solution using this spreadsheet (based on the original one I found here but simpler): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NWY-41zyShP3IFBheQTH6B1CGgOgBgiU1wMYzoVuQp4/edit?usp=sharing

I’ve bookmarked this - this is going to be extremely helpful with aiding my depression on the amount of gold required to increase hoards to max out delves :wink: