Hoard Mimic hall of fame

I would have to count the exact number, but I think, about a third of our guild already had a drop of the Hoard Mimic troop. We even have 2 members with 2 copies of it, but that is the maximum number of copies for a single player in our guild (I have seen some 3, and I think even a 4 Hoard Mimic team in PvP).

Some of our drops were for players, that were farming a lot (I would consider mine to be one of those…), others were rather lucky and got it with not so much boss chests in a few days and others are doing a significant amount of chests per day and are still waiting for their copy. At least for our guild everything seems to work in the way I would expect given the overall low drop rate of the Hoard Mimic.

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Not sure about the exact figure, but 6 or seventh Hoard mimic battle:


I was stop looking for it more than a month ago (after 800+ Boss chests).
Trying the new “Auto Fight” , 10-20 boss chests later, on the 2nd mimic, 1st hoard mimic fight:


Congratulations! That might very well be the first autoplay Mimic :blush:


OMG - Finally !

I must have done 200+ boss chests before starting to record incidences of mimic chests.

Progress recorded data Note that today (inc a few yesterday evening) was bonkers good!

If you are actively looking for the Hoard Mimic as I was then make sure to just do the “lantern” kingdoms. The extra 20% mythstones make a huge difference to the number of ‘nul’ kingdoms (when you don’t make it to the Boss chest)
You can get a run of 8 chests doing lanterns but it is only 4 or 5 not which adds up to a lot of time doing wasted battles !


This needs to be fixed. I have been farming ever since Mythic mimic was introduced. I still have 0 times 5 mimic battles. They seriously need to add higher chances after not getting any. It’s really terrible. I am on Xbox.