High end monitor for gems of war

I switched from Nintendo switch to PC and wanted to if I can take advantage in game if I switch to a screen like an ultrawide. Im about to make a purchase on this since the review is great as well, here https://appuals.com/lg-34gk950f-b-34-nano-ips-ultrawide-monitor-review/ . Do you guys play on ultrawide?

I do play on an LG 34" ultrawide (34UM65) that is a couple/few years old (bought a while ago, not sure how long). Gems does support the resolution but its not anything special. I mostly play half screen and keep youtube open in the other half so it is good for that.

I have a 4k standard at home and an ultrawide at work and the only difference between the two is that in ultrawide I can capture all of the guild wars defense teams in one screenshot. Well, I can do that on the 4k too, but I have to stretch it more, if that makes sense, since it’s a higher resolution…

If you are playing full-screen on a PC note that you will be moving the mouse around more, unless you are using a controller. I play in a window.

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I have a 1920x1080p monitor but I play in a 1280x720p resolution window so I can multi-task.

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