Hierophant misspelt EVERY SINGLE TIME (and more)

So the Hierophant Class quest has reached a new low for negligent (or likely absent) proof reading.

The word “hierophant” (the only correct spelling – I checked) is misspelt as “heirophant” every single time it appears in the quest to unlock the class, except for the overarching quest name: “Hierophant Training”. That includes all of Ethoras’s text and the quest text and the quest names and the pre-battle screens.

Fey is also misspelt as Fay in the final quest, and there are other errors:

  1. Should clearly be, “There’s no time to explain.”

  2. Clumsy phrasing for something of a cliche. The usual form is, “Learn the ancient mysteries of the Fey…” Also, Hierophant misspelt at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Should be, “Fickle Fey Folios”

  4. “It must be in here.” sounds much better than “there” in both of the following two screenshots.

While we have come to expect this kind of carelessness, it is incredibly unprofessional. In my opinion, every company that produces any kind of written information for external use is essentially negligent (or incompetent – dealer’s choice) if they don’t set up a spell-check and grammar checking system. For any kind of imagined world, the spell checker needs to have a list of names added to the dictionary exactly once (checked extremely carefully), while the grammar checker is used to identify possible problems about which an expert user can then make determinations.

You say you don’t want to use people’s work on the game without paying them, but this clearly puts the hypocrisy of that statement under a spotlight.


Additional: The wording of the Hierophant’s third trait is inexplicably different from every existing trait that acts at the same time.

It says: “…when my turn begins.” instead of “at the start of my turn.”

Why would you not use the phrasing we’re all familiar with?

Seriously, is anyone doing any QA at all?

(Yes, I do find this extremely frustrating, whence my harsh phrasing. The problem isn’t that mistakes are made; the problem is that mistakes continue to be made and it seems nothing is being done to prevent the same mistakes happening again and again and again.)


Pretty harsh for a couple of spelling errors.

Nobody is doing any Q/A, that’s the impression. Such mistakes should not happen at all!

I could show you a lot more examples of more quests with spelling errors in every single new Class Training and Delves we get, and there’s usually more than just one. It’s sloppy and unprofessional.
It’s sinful to have a good game with poorly translated or misspelled text.

Things like this are really annoying, even when I am not a native speaker, it annoys the hell out of me.

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Not really. It’s well deserved and justified. Sorry, but you can’t tag this as irrelevant and thus acceptable.

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I’m just saying it’s harsh is all. Mistakes happen but if you report them then they will get fixed. I also never said it was acceptable.

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True, not directly at least. But it’s the impression that’s sometimes also important.
You often regarded at least some portion of my bug reports as minor or less relevant, pretty much like they shouldn’t be posted there.

I have repeatedly made the offer to the devs to spend the likely 8 hours to proof read all of their quest text, in return for some in-game resources (costing them nothing). They have always avoided replying directly to the offer.

There is clearly a QA problem with the quest text; the fact it is ongoing and has not improved over a year of play makes it clear whatever they are doing internally to fix it is not working. So why don’t they want to even acknowledge my offer? Either they don’t care about the errors, or… what is the alternative explanation? I really want to believe there is one.

Just when I think I’m done:

The space is clearly missing in “Summer’sWonder”.

You should contact @Kafka or @Cyrup on the Discord channel and ask her about this.

The link is here: https://discord.gg/gnGmSbk

8pm Friday, here in Oz.
But I’ll make a point to raise it again on Discord.

Things like this are why the devs get hammered on every mistake that comes out. Proofreading is a BASIC QA procedure, yet the same mistakes are pushed out to the players over and over. It makes your company look like idiots. It DESTROYS your trust from your players that you are qualified for your jobs. And I would be personally EMBARRASSED to see these simple mistakes repeatedly made. I don’t know who does the QA for things like this, but I wouldn’t let them QA cutting my grass. And I live in a 3rd floor apartment.

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Be lucky their Aussie crew didn’t just shorten it to ‘Hifant’. They do strange and unholy things to the English language over there…

I’m pretty sure the game’s being written/developed in Chinese at this point and the devs are just the PR team for Western audiences. That’s why they’re surprised by what features release and tend to tell us something’s impossible the week before it happens: the same person who translates the quests to English is the one that translates “what is coming next patch”.

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Unfortunately, the extra spaces were needed to blank out the champion level for the Hierophant and Warpriest class.



As alluded to above, this happens every single time a lot of text is released. New factions, new classes, you name it. The QA process is deeply flawed if it lets out product like that with such astonishing regularity (if the material is simply not checked at all, I still count that as the non-existent QA process being bad).

Admittedly, this example is worse than most, but it should not be difficult to catch these things. It’s one thing to quibble over whether there should be a comma after “well” in “Well at least you’re a Heirophant”. It is another thing entirely to have missed that the class name is not the same in the two places on-screen it appeared.

Thank you for sharing the link!

I didn’t know there was an official Discord, and now l can be extra sure l don’t miss any announcements :hugs:

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I haven’t been playing long, but I also have been wondering if any of their writers are native speakers of English. My personal pet peeve is using “skills” where any other game would say “stats” or “attributes”.

Seriously, if you’re going to release in a language your devs don’t speak fluently, you need to hire a native speaker to proofread all the text before it goes out. And with the rate they release new content, having a dedicated employee for this makes sense.

I agree it’s frustrating, especially the inconsistency for describing effects. But I do just wonder if there might be a littttttle bit of overreacting in this thread…


May be some overreacting, but it’s more from this happening over and over, and not just reacting to this one time