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Hierophant class buff?

  • Hierophant class’s core trait need some kind of buff
  • Nah Hierophant is fine as it is

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I dunno how often this kind of buff requests get acknowledged, but just gonna try since I really like the theme of the Hierophant class, but it is seriously way underpowered. I made a poll too to see if others agree with me.

Anyone played the game long enough should already realized that traits that trigger at the beginning of turn are not that good, since the battle would mostly be done in a few quick turns. Also a mere 25% chance for a RANDOM buff is way too RNG-based and definitely not something we can rely on, while Barrier is arguably the best positive buff among all so Sentinel’s trait is way more reliable (less RNG) & usable (Sentinel also have much better skills tree).

So here are few suggestions to make Hierophant’s core trait better, without altering the theme:

  1. Change it to give 1 random buff on 4-5 matches, this way if you manage to gain a few extra turns then you can possibly gain some useful buffs as well.
  2. or tone the numbers way higher, something like 75% chance to give 1 random positive buff to 2-4 allies.
  3. or make it do something extra & reliable: 50% chance to give 1 random positive buff + 40% mana to an ally.


Knight, Necromancer, and Warden would like a word with you…


Oracle and Shaman also joins the conversation


couple sides of this coin here…
yeah we all like buffs, so you might be able to say buff anything and people will like it… :slight_smile:

Secondly if you consider Hierophant class under-powered than i kinda assume you dont know what it is used for. i would love to talk about it, but honestly Hierophant is sooo good right now that im afraid if i say anything it will get a nerf…

as for the trait… i like buffs :slight_smile: but i also like to see the game balanced and defenses not get totally out of hand. since i do play Heirophant alot, i have noticed and wanted to start tracking the % rate that it gives reflect vs any other status effect. if we got these more often then im not sure if its helping the attacker much but the defender gets much better. not a fan.

There are several hero classes that are in dire need of help. Knight/Oracle are some of my personal opinion choices for bottom of the barrel.


wow… i guess the best/worse class topic is more dynamic than i thought :joy: so ill try to stop going off topic after this message. Warden/Shaman are among some of the best classes and Necro is awesome just waiting for the right troop synergy to appear. but lets try to make that a new topic/thread and keep this one on point about Hierophant :slight_smile:

clearly we can agree about Knight/Oracle :wink:

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This thread is complaining about a 25% chance to give a positive buff to a troop each turn, but you think Warden’s “All allies gain 5 Armor” trait and Necromancer’s “Gain an extra Soul on 4+ Gem matches” are good? o.O

Warden’s “Banishment”, Dispelling all the opposition’s Positive Effects can be very useful at times…! :+1:

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That’s a talent, not a trait. This thread is talking about class traits, which are unique to each class. Talents aren’t unique to each class, they are shared. Banishment is part of the Guardian talent tree. Deathknight, Dragonguard, Knight, Mechanist, Runepriest, Sentinel… and Warden… all have that tree, so if you want Banishment, there are six better classes to get it from!


Yes thanks to @igniteice pointing it out… I am very much aware some other classes are also underpowered but I try to focus on Hierophant’s core trait here in this topic, and also since this week we’re having events related to it (Bright Forest). The skills tree aside (honestly, I think the skills tree aren’t that good either, there’s no freeze / entangle, no skills for any survivability except Purification? And no fast charge (50% mana) either. The arguably best skill on Fire Tree - Fireblade too are nonsense on this class since you don’t wanna run Hierophant up in front).

So yes back to the topic, @HugeOgre if you somehow figured out the best way to utilize his 25% chance for a random effect(?), please do enlighten people like me who ‘have no clue and dunno how to use it properly’, hmm please?


3 layers of RNG for this effect is dumb. (3+ layers of RNG is bad for Gems of War in general)

  1. 25% chance of triggering
  2. Applied to a random ally (25% chance to target a specific troop)
  3. A Random positive effect (Barrier, Blessed, Enchanted, Enraged, Reflect, Submerged) 16.67% of a specific positive effect

Needless to say, you have a very low chance of getting something useful you need on the right troop.


Sentinel Hero class: 2 layers of RNG -> 25% chance of triggering, applied to a random ally (25% chance) -> Barrier, happy times!

Divinia: 2 layers of RNG -> 4/5 match, 100% chance of triggering, applied to a random ally (25% chance) -> random effect 16.67% chance

Heirophant needs to drop a layer of RNG somehow.


It is speculated that there will be a mass class rework later this year with or after version 5.0 so such class feedback might be considered by the devs until after that rework.

Pretty much all the classes need a rework and is long overdue :+1:

How about “35% chance to summon Glitterclaw when I take dmg”…

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Tacet advocates Hierophant because it is the only class with both self-cleanse and triple skull damage to burning enemies. This requires being level 100, unfortunately, but it’s still well worth noting.

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Do people not yet realize that these skills tree have NOTHING to do with what I am proposing to change? Unless we are trying to agree on “it’s ok for a class to have shitty traits as long as the skills tree can fulfill some niche strategy”.

What I am trying to say is:

  1. The core trait is bad, if you still do not understand this try to read TheIdleOne’s reply, he explained it much better than I do
  2. Hierophant is in no way near the top picked / most useful class, buffing the underpowered core trait might bring it up on par (or actually might still not), and I don’t see how it can be OP unless we are talking about trolling buff / changes such as 35% to summon Glitterclaw.

(*PS: I’m not pointing finger at you Megaqwerty, I know you are just pointing out some info)

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Do you realise that the traits in basically every class are ignored 99.9999% of the time in favor of the talents.

What you are complaining about with 1 class, is an issue with basically every other class.

Yet you pick 1 of the classes that is worth getting to 100, because it has some kind of synergy, as Megaqwerty stated.

You included Skill Trees in your initial post, so if they do factor in your comparison, then it is only fair they factor in ours as well.

I find Fey to be playful and capricious, when they are not tricksy and false. Therefore, 25% to give a buff to one ally is quite sufficient to me. “Oh, look, I got barrier”. At 4x speed, I often probably don’t notice the others. Especially when:

What makes you believe this class is “seriously way underpowered”? Did it not win enough on defense last week?

Is that why it should have a “75% chance to buff 2-4 allies” every turn?

All class traits should be good. I’m just saying that it’s not worthwhile to complain about this unduly when it is likely these will be changed later this year.

Problem: that’s redundant with Divinia’s trait. Solution: two random buffs per match 4.

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I hope you’re right—the last class update was a major game-changer in a (mostly) positive way, and I’d love to see underpowered classes brought on par with the good ones!

Class traits could definitely be better (but tricky not to mess up ones players like—maybe ask us, first, to not have a repeat of Sunspear? :laughing:). Simple solution I see is any static-buff being changed to some percentage-based system instead. Warden: give 10 extra armor or 10% of my base armor (including kingdom bonuses, obv), whichever is higher. Might still not be worthwhile, given Mang-likes, but. Better than now :man_shrugging:

Then talent trees. I think everything needs brought up to the level of utility had by Stone. Make that the measurement. If you have a class that, on any given talent tier you’re easily picking Stone’s offering instead, then the other tree needs buffed. Each talent tier should be balanced so that it’s actually a choice, in other words, rather than a given.

And I’d also like more customization, but I worry at this point that such a radical change might break some synergy people have come to rely upon. So, to make classes uniquely themselves rather than replace the level 100 talents (remember—I’m proposing we buff bad ones anyway), add a new talent (or more!) to the end that are tailored to the class. If the game has banked somewhere all the “wasted” Class XP, all the better—people would get the Titan Talent immediately, and so the grind wouldn’t even be as bad as I know people would complain if extra levels on classes were now “necessary” to obtain.


Figured I should’ve better spend my time playing & let this topic sink but gosh, your reply is next level of insolent plus ignorant. Seriously? You mean few of the current meta team like: L&D + Orbweaver, trait does not matter? Phoenicia / Yao + Sunspear, trait ignored? Frostmage picked to counter looping team, nothing to do with the trait? Dragonguard / Warpriest / Sentinel as frontliner, nothing to do with skull damage reduction? I’m truly astonished…

I could go on and on but at this rate I think there’s a 99.9999% chance that I am playing a different game than some of you guys do, so there’s no point. Judging from yours & Chunky’s reply I guess it is really “ok for a class to have shitty traits as long as the skills tree can fulfill some niche strategy”, since Chunky even admitted he don’t even care to notice if the trait is doing anything at all.

I felt sorry now to have the wrong conception of a proper & powerful class are supposed to have reliable & meaningful trait to synergize with the shared skill trees between all the classes. Have fun with the forum fellow elitist, ciao.