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Hidden Easter Egg Hunt = Free Eggsplosion! (April Fool's Prank)

So if you’ve played at all in the past few days you’ll have noticed these in the news:

Like most users I figured they were there for decoration and theme for Bunni’Nog, turns out they have another purpose.

So I was farming some challenges through Karakoth to get some common magic stones to trait my Dark Master, I was testing each of the challenges to see which would be the easiest to farm when a colorful egg came up after the traitstone. I don’t remember which color but I do remember the challenge.

Karakoth - Challenge #6

There was (unfortunately) no indicator of how many eggs I got or needed, but I know I got one, so I played the challenge again and got nothing. I guessed they might be hidden in other kingdoms so I attempted to play challenges, this proved my theory correct!

These are the challenges that gave me the eggs in the order I found them:

Pan’s Vale - Challenge #2
Stormheim - Challenge #7
Wild Plains - Challenge #3
Darkstone - Challenge #5
(Not 100% sure on these.)

After collecting them all a mail came up in my inbox. I briefly thought it might’ve been a guild reward but also hoped I was done searching, when the letter’s title read something about the egg hunt I was quite eggcited to see what was inside!

x10 Gem Keys

I never got the eggsplosion during it’s previous release(s?), and I wasn’t very tempted to spend $15 on one, so this was quite the pleasant surprise!

Now I’m not sure if the challenges I got the eggs from are 100% correct (heck, they could be randomized for all I know), but they were definitely those kingdoms.

So good luck egg hunting out there, that’s all, yolks!


Nice find! :slight_smile:
Only problem is it appears to be different for each user. xD

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Do they do something like this every event and we’ve just not known!?

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Probably not. Would seem kind of pointless to spend time adding a secret feature that less than 1% find out about. The people that do challenges probably don’t have enough unlocked to find them all and the people with a lot of challenges unlocked don’t tend to do challenges.

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Uhm… before I dive into those challenges, I feel I must ask first:
What day is it in your timezone, @Zelfore?

Specifically, is it April 1st yet? :wink:


It works. Try it. It is set to 5 random challenges in the game. With Dust Devil spam it only takes a little over an hour.

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Sounds very April Fools to me, a concept I was just explaining to my filippino GF just before I read this post :slight_smile:

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Could you explain the dust devil spam to me please? I’m still fairly new to the game.

Dust Devil deals damage to all targets, and has a third trait “Empowered”. So if you build a team of 4 fully-traited Dust Devils, you can reliably do 20-36 damage to every enemy troop without having to match a single gem


Wow. That’s pretty crazy. Thanks for the explanation.

I believe that this is an april fools joke. my reason being that since the event started i have been farming maps and dark traitstones in karakoth and yet to get a weapon and also this might be a programming nightmare for the devs too impliment and not even mention. Random for everyone and there are alot of challenges.

It is a april fools joke.

good to know

You can also do Mercy**, Dust Devil***, Dust Devil***, Dust Devil*** for fights where two casts of Dust Devil are just barely not enough to win. Mercy (or another similar troop) can bless with Magic, at which point you get +4 damage over the first two casts.


Even if its a april fools joke, its a very nice one.

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Wow. That’s one of the best OPs on an April Fool’s subject that I’ve ever run into. I might have even believed it, were it not for the bit about the “x10 Gem Keys” pièce de résistance. Good job.

Thanks. Back to downloading my new console update!


It was a nice one thats for sure. :relieved: Never know with Zelfore, and thats what we all loves about him.

I just found one of the eggs in treasure hunt mode. Seems like they drop in place of traitstones. But I’ve only found 2 eggs so far :confused:

We don’t believe you. :slight_smile:
Screen shot or it didn’t happen.

Ok you got me i didn’t do no treasure hunt :stuck_out_tongue:

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