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Hero stats are stuck (resolved)

I been stuck to the same stats for a very long time im level 724 and i keep leveling but my stats (magic att def) are stuck and also no weapon are unlocking

When i look in the hero weapon (show all) I see lot of weapon i didin’t get yet. So did i already hit the stats cap or it’s a bug?

The only 2 levels left for you with a stat bonus is 750 and 1000.

As for the weapons, those are the ones that use to available for glory, now cash.

Ok thanks for the answer i will change title for resolved

Edit well i don’t know how if someone can do it that would be awesome thanks again

And done. Cheers.

Lol i found it at the same time but ty anyway :slight_smile:

Stat boost at levels

Magic: 50, 100, 500
Life: 60, 90, 200, 750
Armor: 70, 150, 400
Attack: 80, 300, 1000