Here Comes the Rain Again


Titan Hero’s Chaos Storm + Taloca seems like the ideal use of his weird power qualifier.

Also think Hellcat-Alchemist loops with Taloca will be fun to use.


The RNG in GoW has been proven to have a bias towards streaks by other data analysts. Everyone who participated in that thread was too focused on “but over time it balances out” to bother with “even though very well-accepted tests prove there is a short-term bias”.

I’m sure you got it but to be clear:

The data was for TDS resurrection. It suggested that long-term, say 100,000 tests, you’d see precisely the data you expect. However, the data also suggested that “3 resurrections in a row” and “no resurrections” were not occurring in a normal distribution. So based on that data, it’s like the RNG is broken to favor streaks of “lucky” and “not lucky” that just happen to balance out to look like the intended probability if you run enough trials.

You and I both know “short-term bias but balances out” is not a very good RNG, but good luck convincing the community/devs of that.


I’ve been using:

Death Knight class, because i’m upgrading its talents. It’s worth of note that the Banishment Talent from the Guardian Tree is a must to get rid of buffs like Submerged and Barrier to maximize your team potential. Chaos Storm talent is also a good option, the Storm Tree now have some decent usage for some talents thanks to Taloca.

I honestly don’t have any complaint about these troops, they are great together and reinforces the value of all other Stryxes mechanics/spells using storms. This is a good design choice and direction for a kingdom, but in other weeks/months we don’t see this in some weapons and troops released.

I could make an effort and provide a list of a hundred changes for many troops in the game and still watch as months and maybe even years would pass without a single change being ever considered or implemented.

I don’t mean this in a rude way Cyrup, but i don’t feel like giving feedback, short of constant complains, pestering, needling and cheeky remarks gets the deserved attention in a timely manner… To be fair i perfectly understand that any suggestions we make doesn’t necessarily means it’s a good design for the developers to follow/use.

Well, i’ll finish this with a cute arctic fox picture, because we clearly need more of these to properly inspire the art department of GoW:



I don’t think Taloca is in too bad a spot to be honest. Nothing I’d use for, say, guild wars, but…

I did all my PVP today with this:

Mountain Crusher

Nothing around for 4-5 matches except MC + Dust Storm and the odd match from Kraken. And the 10 damage racks up fast - more effective than Kraken as soon as they’re down a troop. And that scatter damage obliterates things as soon as, again, they’re down a troop.

Its around Rowanne-level damage except without the need for her to not be hit.


The troops are nice but why are we getting the same color troops over and over? Arcane Plains again for this week… Sure it helps for getting some troops but why not a different color arcanes like shield or blade?


Trying to get Taloca, I pulled Valdis instead (who I did not yet have), and shortly got Taloca later. I am happy.


How did you end up pulling Valdis while trying to get Taloca? Its not supposed to be in Event chests? :thinking:


She got Valdis from other keys than Event Keys, most probably.


Yes but if true, she wasn’t trying to get Taloca then as stated…

Only with Dev wizardry would they be in the same chests.

Anyways, here’s the team I really like with the new troops. Been smashing PvP with them. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t2:


Got to love four team bonus pets in play too! :grin: 4x Yellow, 4x Stryx, 4x Suncrest, 3x Elemental

Now let’s talk buffs to Garuda’s last trait…


My Class Event team this week!

It’s so great that it only need 2-3 casts from Gard’s Avatar or Dawnbringer to kill everything, even at Level 40. I might even consider using this team in upcoming Faction, and switch Paladin to other skull-resistance troops.

Only minor problem with this team would be...

The fact that it doesn’t let me finish the event for that minor orb, leaving me at Level 39. T^T

That damn Valraven probably waiting for me at Level 40, but I’m not gonna buy Tier 4 to chase it. Screw you, silly bird!


Just looking again at this Sky Hero weapon…

Did it have to make red gems? That hardly fits the week’s rain and storms themes… and Flammifer was a recent event weapon also making red gems… and too many things already make red gems…\

Please can we have the next year of event weapons make gems that are not red…


Sky Hero was the Shentang Invasion weapon and is unrelated thematically to this Stryx week.


Oh yeah… but my points on everything seems to make red gems still stand…


They’ve made other gem creators as well; they just come across less well perceived. Arctic Fox for example.

Vanguard is very good, but hasn’t seen the light of day yet. It pairs fairly nicely with that Sky Hero weapon.

Or are you just being picky about hero weapons, which other colors will have their day eventually anyways?


Picky is a bit harsh. Heroes are strong now with the talents adding storms and status effects everywhere, so heroes are on many many teams. Two strong red-making weapons in quick succession, with the divines or hard-hitters like YG mostly wanting red… just some missed chances to have something different to face or use…

Other stuff to spread ideas and fill gaps arrives ‘eventually always’? Not really. How many usable weapons explode brown gems versus any other colour? How many usable weapons make red gems versus any other colour? I’ve been here loving enough to know that ‘eventually always’ is an exceedingly long time, and actually often never…