Here Comes the Rain Again


When there are 4 opponent troops, Kraken, Hydra and Sagaro deal a total of 12 damage. This new troop remain at 10 whatever number of enemy troop remaining though.

About these kind of troops, I take opportunity to show an incoherence about Viper 3rd trait to @Cyrup

Kraken (legendary) 3rd trait = 3 damages to ALL
Hydra (legendary 3rd trait = 3 damages to ALL
Sagaro (legendary) 3rd trait = 3 damages to ALL

Viper (legendary) 3rd trait = 3 damages to ONE ! :thinking:


150 event keys - 7 Garuda, 0 Tacola Taloca. What?! :neutral_face:

It’s because I keep spelling his name wrong, isn’t it? Please forgive me, Lord Taloca. I promise I will take a good care of you once you drop for me. Please…?


Frostmage has a 25% chance to freeze on cast. Viper does 3 damage on cast.

They think cast is easier than 4/5 match :stuck_out_tongue:


lol yeah that might be their reasoning. The prob is when you loop indefinately casts you also loop indefinately 4x combo, otherwise you wouldnt…loop. :laughing: So with this reasoning, Kraken should also deal 3 damages to only one enemy.


I assume everyone else here (like me) thinks otherwise.

You also assume the devs have made the comparison. Balance-wise I suspect they rarely look at other stuff when writing new stuff these days.

Correction, having run with it for a while: spell is stupidly underpowered. Double-boosted this week, it’s 38 before the Storm bonus - roughly 9 damage each enemy for 16 mana. That’s pants. With a storm in play, still feels rather weak.


Yes, Viper cries again!! :confused:


Titania feels like a natural comparison. For the same mana cost, you get an AoE (which might be further boosted by the faerie fire from Titania’s third trait), and a possible extra turn. The saving grace of Taloca’s spell is that it gets significantly better as the battle progresses. 99 split damage winds up being pretty awesome for 16 mana if there is only one target left.

The fact that it needs a storm to be tripled is a bit irritating, sure, but it’s balanced out by a pretty sweet third trait. If you have a storm going, chances are you’re triggering that third trait routinely, which softens up opponents for the eventual coup de grace of Taloca’s spell.


Probably me being dense and sleepy, but what do you mean by this bit?


How very political of you. It was my mistake thinking Titania was one of the two-color converters. I am editing my post to remove the error.


Phew! Finally get him after just 10 more keys. I almost scared it will be as bad as Thursday-Nimue.

So here is my new PvP defense team, the Dispersing Storm!


I find Taloca disappointing and think Sunbird is a much better troop


Depends on the player:

Low level, the 3rd trait on Taloca is completely busted compared to almost anything else.

Medium level: Taloca is functionally easier to use as “Magic” is easier to upgrade than “Life + Magic.” Takes a bit of setup to get the 3x damage, but not everyone has life leveled up to its potency.

High level: Sunbird is easier to use, but technically Taloca hits for more damage for now.


The random Storm keeps this spell in the “universal transformer + some minor extra effect” 10 mana cost category with an actually good minor effect (any active storm is likely to generate extra gem matches after a colour conversion settles the board). Significantly better than the extra effects of Alch and Valk for example.
A targeted Storm like you suggested would have to make the spell much more mana-costly.


Thank you, I’ve heard that song play in my head all morning! :joy:


If both troops are webbed prior to casting who comes out best damage wise,if both troops are near death prior to casting who comes out best,if both troops have a status effect prior to casting who comes out best…Oh and the mana cost is over 33% higher on Taloca…The 10 damage on 4/5 gems matches is a great trait,but that is about all it has that is of any worth over Sunbird.


What the heck. 250+ Event keys, no Taloca. I’m gonna wait until multiple folks post that they got it before burning a bunch of Glory to try again.


Yes, it is in chests.


Yes its there.


Dang. Small sample size and all that, but 250 keys for 4 Garudas and zero Taloca just doesn’t feel OK.

Edit: Hey devs, are you sure the % drop chance for Taloca is right? Ended up burning 350 Event keys, and got 7 Garudas before a single Taloca finally dropped. I’m a professional data analyst - the chances of this happening if they’re weighted equally (and TimeKnight above seeing the same thing) are infinitesimal.


Bad luck is all. I got 7 taloca & 2 garuda out of about 300 keys. Sorry I stole the ones you were supposed to get.