Here Be Dragons

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New Rare Troop: Mervorax

The Mervorax will be available this week for 300 Glory in the Rewards tab of the Shop, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

boost ratio?

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It’s not even a dragon!


Here be dragons? Where? It’s a monster?

It’s a famous warning/description featured on (particularly fictional, I think) old maps, over uncharted territory (which I guess you probably know), and includes sea monsters and other mythical creatures, I believe.

The idea is that if you venture or set sail towards these areas, be prepared not to return, due to some hidden/unknown danger.


Sirrian… this announcement has zero flair now. I miss the old days lol.

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I really miss the lore and stories :frowning:


And what is “Daaa-dum. Daaa-dum. Tum-ta tum-ta tum-ta…”? Cannot recognize the song.

It’s a bad approximation of the main sting from Jaws

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This one - ? Very indirect approximation, yes.

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Second time after zaejin a GW Week without a legendary :slightly_frowning_face:

@Live there will be 4 new units on Friday.

Yes, but that is just the standard 5-week-territorium-release, with no connection to the weekly guild event, where - in the past without zaejin - we always got a legendary in GW Weeks.

Too many event keys, with no use :wink:

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Am I missing something here?

The autosuggestion for multiple glory purchases wants me to buy a quantity of 91 bundles to reach Mythic for this troop which is the right amount of rares if each bundle came with 1 of them, but each bundle comes with 2 so its trying to double up on the amount required! (overspend)

Don’t think this thing is supposed to cost 27,300 glory :octopus:

The suggested amounts of packs (for target rarity) works as if you only get 1 copy of troop in pack. I hope everyone who gets fooled by this puts in a ticket and gets a refund. Did any new features in this update work properly? I don’t think so. :roll_eyes:

Hello Fleg, we are working on this now.

Please go here to read out announcement. :slight_smile:

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Event stones from Treasure Hunt … how shall I ever contain my joy.

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My joy rivals yours! :star_struck:

So… what do everyone think of Potions?

Assuming 3-day Faction Event also got the same set of Potions, these will make the battles much easier. While the aim is not fixing the difficulty of Faction team at 500, it’s definitely make it much easier, if you choose to spend more gems and actually do it in the event, instead of actual Underworld.

Not sure how it will be in Raid/Invasion/ToD, but will surely make new players got a better chance at advancing.