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Help out the Devs, in response to the SELFIE/MEME THREAD

I have begun deleting anything from myself that I feel doesn’t pertain to people posting selfies. I think it would be a decent idea if anyone that posted memes, gifs, etc, delete their own stuff as well. It doesn’t take very long to do and since Sirrian mentioned they are a small crew, none of them should have to clean up our mess. We all had fun, but let’s help out the Devs.

(I don’t know if they are done banning people, Sirrian can confirm that, but either way this would help out.)
(Also no, I don’t think this excuses my actions either. Just trying to take responsibility.)

@Sirrian if you don’t want us to do that, or it’s not okay, let us know.


A big thank you to anybody taking the time to clean up their posts in that thread - it saves us some work!
Also, thanks to @Rickygervais for the similar thread he posted.

Gems of War does have a really awesome community, but we do need to do a bit of work sometimes to make sure it stays that way!


I have cleaned up my own mess. :wink:


Albino Gorilla and Mutated Tiger is now in the trash… :sweat_smile:


I think I cleaned all of mine up, but I honestly can’t see straight anymore lmao. That is a whole lot of posts.

It’s looking at least somewhat cleaner now though.


I will clean mine up.

Although I’m certainly guilty of posting memes, most all of mine are ON-topic. There has to be some give and take here. Like the game that we came here to discuss, this place should be fun too.

That being said, I’m not going to take away from the game by causing the devs to have to clean up a mess here (even if a lot of it doesn’t need cleaned up, IMO).

[quote=“HKdirewolf, post:5, topic:14822”]
…but I honestly can’t see straight anymore lmao[/quote]


It won’t let me delete more than 3 or 4 at a time. It says I’m deleting them too fast and makes me wait 45 seconds. :smirk:

Well, I think I got most of them. I deleted like 100 likes too, which is kind of interesting for something that is supposedly so unpopular.

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@Sirrian has stated in the past that he doesn’t mind the occasional expired thread to go down in memes. The trouble here was that:

  1. It was an active thread with honest contributions;
  2. The OP herself asked folks to stop; and
  3. Some of the responses she got were openly vitriolic, bragging about ruining her discussion via some hard-to-swallow surface justification.

That’s not acceptable, especially point 3. It was basically schoolyard bullying.

  1. Yes, it was.
  2. The OP herself posted several off-topic memes in that thread. She evidently didn’t want it to stop too terribly bad.
  3. I guess I didn’t see that part, I certainly wasn’t involved in it.

By the way, if this is all about that Selfie thread, then Sirrian’s assessment when he closed it (that it was a small group of people doing this) wasn’t accurate.

It’s only accurate if he’s talking about memes in general. Because 90% of the memes here come from a handful of people, that is true.

In the Selfie thread, however, there are dozens of memes from people outside of that handful, including a few people that I don’t even recognize.

Perhaps we could get a clarification from @Sirrian himself. If it’s about the Selfie thread, I’ve cleaned up my portion and I certainly won’t do THAT again. If it’s about posting memes in general, while displeased, I will stop because I certainly don’t want to get banned.

Okay iv deleted my stuff hope that’s the only mess i had :slight_smile:


Sirrian wasn’t kidding about the bans o.O


Who knew being suck at posting memes would work out in my favor. :wink:


this thread was out of control it wasn’t just a couple meme, it was an orgy of meme and gif lol


A couple got banned yes. He spared a few that could have been, though. And for that I’m grateful. :bow:

Yeah, I was actively keeping up with reading it (“reading” seems an inadequate word for trying to slog through what that post became lol) but didn’t post much of anything once it started picking up meme-speed.


It’s a…um…unique…gift? LOL

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Yeah it was the tomb of all creation.

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I confirm talia and robert are banned well look like you guys will need to find new fantasy commissioner

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