Hellcat team compositions?

With the release of the new weekly event and new troops…

What team compositions will you be using if you are incorporating Hellcat?
I’d like to build a red team around him (I have most legendaries) and I’m curious what you all will find successful

replace banshee with hellcat in the infinite loop team/


Time to bust out Hydra!

Might try out:

Giant Spider

Take advantage of two ‘Huge’ and one ‘Big’.


How about:

Jarl Firemantle

I used to put Infernal King in where Hellcat is, but Hellcat works better to keep things rolling, and get all the other troops charged up fast

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Anointed One (or any red troop with attack/stat gain, e.g. Gloom Leaf, Emperina)
Naga Queen

Green to red, brown to red, everything else to red, then red to skulls.


Alchemist and Hellcat loop over and over, Sheggra gets the spillover, nukes. Treant basically just gets passive health via Big. Can win over just about everything (Bone Dragon and Queen Mab can be trouble due to Frozen, though).


Fun team! :slight_smile:


I agree with @Lyya team with Shregga and can vouche for this perticular version of the goblin loop team

“Burn 'em Down”
Yellow/yellow banner

Treant (3)
Alchemist (2)
Hellcat (x) (I’m gonna fully trait him for the magic bonus)
Goblin Rocket (3)

It’s a bit slower then @Lyya’s Shregga team but bar frozen it doesn’t lose the turn once you open the loop, Gobby gets spillover from both Hellcat and Alchemist and can work wonders setting up a board to arrange conversations.

Shergga has a chance (not too huge about 10-20%) to not keep the loop open after her cast as she wipes red completely away but Sheggy has the ability to nuke teams with pure power via skull spam

Treant in either team will gain a lotta life via Big (which Sheggy will do twice as nice with huge) and take reduced damage from stoneskin as well.

This setup of mine gives +2 to both red and yellow
And will fill Alchemist with 2 red matches

In retrospect the

“Burning Core team” will carry a lot of weight and there are many possible ways to run it

(Any trip with red or yellow (or both) to collect overflow)

Keeper of souls
Giant Spider

KoS is my hero

Why though? The concept of this team is Valk creating boards for Banshee to loop. The team already loops “infinitely” this way, the whole point being you don’t need a universal red transformer to further improve its looping qualities, and Banshee does significantly more damage and has slightly more favorable traits than Hellcat.

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possible however then you need a troop to fill with valkyrie forcing you to run a blue troop and with banshee getting rid of blue entirely for red, valkyrie can’t further the combo. Hell cat can loop easier with alchemist and this allows you to use any blue troop with valk without worrying about what your blue troop is and how it plays a part. Instead of trent you can play giant spider so that hellcat>alchemist>valk>giant spider>hellcat> repeat. Or cause you are not getting rid of blue with banshee you can go hellcat>alchemist>valk>mab>hellcat>repeat. Or hellcat>alchemist>back and forth until valk is ready to attempt to fill famine in one go then cast famine if needed or just use his third trait till the enemy is dead. The problem with banshee is the interaction where in order to cast banshee you need to keep the turn with valk and set up a future turn with banshee. With hellcat you remove that interaction and it lets you have better board control. With the above examples except the one with famine, you can maintain the turn using all four units with little to no risk because you do not need to rely on rng most of the time or at least that is what i think. What are your thoughts on this.

I’m inclined to agree with you that the interaction between Banshee and Valk is somewhat iffy… They both compete for yellow, and after using Banshee it’s happened more than once that I’ve made the incorrect color conversion choice with Alchemist which ended up dropping the ball, badly.

But your use of Hellcat in all those examples drastically lowers your total damage output, making an Alch-Valk looping team even slower than it already is. You’ve slotted into the equation too many gem transformers that don’t pump out enough targeted firepower in the sequence. That’s just going to extend the battle duration even more. I found that without a high skull damage troop up front, an Alch-Valk team tends to make my matches last over 10 minutes. Grrr.

Another Hell Alchemist


You have 2x Fire Link, so consider pure yellow banner.

The HellMAW


Probably pure yellow banner.
With good board and some luck you can win turn 1.

Anointed One
Moloch / Plague (Sheggra / Queen Mab / Jarl / Mercy also work)

Hellcat and Alchemist loop; Anointed One fires whenever Hellcat would otherwise convert green.

The last slot is interchangeable between several troops.
Moloch: Fire Link, and Suppression as a passive bonus
Sheggra: Can catch red spill, and skull damage with buffed A1 is sexy
Queen Mab: Winter Veil is nice passive (don’t expect to use Nevermore much)
Jarl: Fiery Cloak as passive, nuke if board conditions are conducive
Mercy: Bootstrap, emergency cleanse (don’t expect her to get much mana)


And Arcane will boost up Nevermore while waiting to fill!

cold touch
winter imp***
banner red/yellow
Way to win,
using hellcat and alchemist to loop will cause random damage everywhere and the overflow into valkyrie will pay off by keeping the turn and filling imp. Imp will gain magic for every blue gem match which will fill his magic to the point that it can be used to one shot the enemy in one go. The fun thing to note with split damage is it never does more than it should so if all enemies have different values but all equal up to 40 and imp’s magic is equal to 40 then he will kill entire team.

The Smurf Imp has a trait that pumps up magic damage?

Oooooh I want! Can we still get Winter Imp out of chests, or do the lack of sightings mean he’s gone gone for real now?

probable herobrineing it right now. Winter imp like all imps gains magic on matches or their respective colour.

I just built this:

Goblin Rocket*
Jarl Firemantle**

Basically you have an infinite turn once you get going, because Hellcat feeds Alchemist, who feeds Hellcat, and they both feed GR, and Hellcat feeds Jarl. If at some point you can’t make a 4/5 match with Hellcat or Alchemist, just remake the board with GR, or if there are a good number of red and yellow gems on the board use Jarl, and even that will likely get you an extra turn and then you just keep going. The downside is it takes a while to get kills, and of course if you want souls you’re missing Necromancy and the Valkyrie. But if you don’t need souls and are OK taking a little while to get almost 100% sure victories, it works.

Another one I built but haven’t tested yet is:


Pretty obvious how that’s supposed to work, I just don’t have the traitstones to get Empowered on Mercy yet… So I might switch her out for Alchemist and put him up front. Then spam Alchy/Mercy to power Hellcat, then power Sheggra with lots of extra red, use Sheggra to get tons of skulls, then blow up the board with Skeleros (who should have gotten some red from Hellcat as well). Again, haven’t tested this one, so don’t know how well it works in the real world.