Head in the Sand


New Ultra-Rare Troop: Ostryx

The Ostryx will be available this week for 300 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

World Event: For The Birds

There are 6 battles that players can encounter during the event: Wind Archer, Prince Azquila, Garuda, Taloca, Zilopochtli, and Faerie Gobmother. The first 5 battles are randomly chosen, but they all have an equal chance of appearing on the map.

The battle against the Faerie Gobmother is a rare battle that may appear on the map, but only 1 “Faerie Gobmother” battle will ever appear at a time.

You can find the following rewards for each of the different battles you may encounter.

  • Wind Archer: 6 Feathers
  • Prince Azquila: 9 Feathers
  • Garuda: 12 Feathers
  • Taloca: 12 Feathers
  • Zilopochtli: 14 Feathers
  • Faerie Gobmother: 30 Feathers

Each Feather is worth 5 points. As the battles against Wind Archer, Prince Azquila, Garuda, Taloca, and Zilopochtli get harder, they will increase the amount of Feathers given by 25%.

Now Available in the Vault: The Magician

The Magician will become available as a possible drop from both Vaults and Epic Vaults after weekly reset.


I wish you could remove wish gems from the game.

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Infinity Plus Two has repeatedly been found to sell loot boxes missing the best items or containing them at significantly lower than advertised odds. They always deny this at first, deliberately spread misinformation and ultimately refuse to communicate further once enough proof has been presented. Avoid spending money on this event, you may receive something inferior to what you paid for, their support will just close and lock your compensation request.

For the most recent case of faulty loot boxes and how they were handled, see this thread and this summary .


Avoid Wind Archer until you can’t. Then keep choosing the exact same battle on the map for the rest of the event. Boring.

Devs claim to listen to feedback but keep giving us these world event’s where battles never reset. Head in the Sand indeed.


Head in the Sand. As usual you describe your game too perfectly and your attitude to your player base; and the games bugged direction. The only head in the sand here is infinity and 505. Another LOL card, except we are left to play with your mess.
And fix your so, so, so slow servers.


Here’s the images to help you this week:

Event Summary:

Average Tier Buy In per member to close all rewards is Tier 2 (~71 battles)

Battles and Scoring:

Reward Amounts:


Faerie G. points doesn’t multiplies so other troops gives more points after a while.

Legendary (Taloca/Garuda) 8th fight: 35 feathers=165 points
Mythic (Zilopochtli) 6th fight: 32 feathers=160 points

Yep, have a check on the graphic. Gobmother is only better to take unless:

Zilo is level 100
Legendary battles are level 85
Epic is level 244.


Average Tier Buy In per member to close all rewards is Tier 2 (~71 battles)


None of that matters because the battles never reset. After a small number of battles you have no choice but 4x Wind Archer.


legendary at level 85 give 27 feathers, it is at level 100 where they give 30 feathers, just like Zilo. I just checked it.

Agreed, but depending on how many shop tiers you buy you may even also want to ignore the Færie Gobmother fight. If you end up fighting 20 or more Wind Archers across the week (reasonably likely around tier IV/V or higher) then it’s better scoring to not do the Færie Gobmother battle at all. (i.e. leave 1x level 10 Færie Gobmother and 2x level 10 Wind Archer on the map, do the other slot repeatedly)

Wish all weekly events had the map reset daily so there’d be a bit more strategy involved.

28 Battles, 647 feathers before I was forced to fight Wind Archers.

So… the very next battle (since I got a Raven that battle)…

If I were to actually “level up” Wind Archer, I would be taking a massive point loss every time (30 points vs 150 points). My battle after Gobmother is Garuda. Basically, unless I am somehow forced to fight Wind Archer a REALLY long time… there is NEVER a point where I would take Wind Archer over Faerie Gobmother.

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Sure, if you take Wind Archer EVERY time you see a Gobmother, after 33 fights, it will make a difference… Note that this only applies if you have hundreds of sigils, because the only time you would want to take Wind Archer is if you have exactly 4 Wind Archers and 1 Gobmother. Then you would fight a Wind Archer, but if the battle that replaces it is Ziloposchtli, Taloca/Garuda, or Prince Azquila, you would take those over the other three Wind Archers and the Gobmother.

That scenario, where you have 4 Wind Archers and 1 Gobmother, is only going to happen very seldom, IF you’re actually killing Wind Archers, which is why you would only do that if you have hundreds of sigils, because you would need hundreds of sigils for that scenario to come up 33 times (for Wind Archer to outpace Gobmother).

Wind Archer Total Gobmother Total Difference
30 30 150 150 120
37.5 67.5 150 300 232.5
45 112.5 150 450 337.5
52.5 165 150 600 435
60 225 150 750 525
67.5 292.5 150 900 607.5
75 367.5 150 1050 682.5
82.5 450 150 1200 750
90 540 150 1350 810
97.5 637.5 150 1500 862.5
105 742.5 150 1650 907.5
112.5 855 150 1800 945
120 975 150 1950 975
127.5 1102.5 150 2100 997.5
135 1237.5 150 2250 1012.5
142.5 1380 150 2400 1020
150 1530 150 2550 1020
157.5 1687.5 150 2700 1012.5
165 1852.5 150 2850 997.5
172.5 2025 150 3000 975
180 2205 150 3150 945
187.5 2392.5 150 3300 907.5
195 2587.5 150 3450 862.5
202.5 2790 150 3600 810
210 3000 150 3750 750
217.5 3217.5 150 3900 682.5
225 3442.5 150 4050 607.5
232.5 3675 150 4200 525
240 3915 150 4350 435
247.5 4162.5 150 4500 337.5
255 4417.5 150 4650 232.5
262.5 4680 150 4800 120
270 4950 150 4950 0

Saying that ‘hundreds’ of sigils are needed is a little misleading, it’s a little over 100 fights.

Assuming 108 sigils (average for tier V + daily allowance + valravens) and a Færie Gobmother likelihood of 1/11 (we know she appears more rarely than the other options, but not by how much so I’ve compromised on half the rate) you would end up being forced to fight 108 * 2/11 ~= 20 Wind Archers; this is exactly the moment where both options are worth the same score. If you ignore the Færie Gobmother instead it happens even quicker as no more can spawn as replacement battles.

For the scenario I mentioned (Tier IV/V+) you will always have to do several Wind Archer fights. The comparison to be made is not something like ‘25 Wind Archers vs 25 Færie Gobmothers’, it’s ‘25 Wind Archers vs 20 Wind Archers + 5 Færie Gobmothers’.

I’m quite invested in this now, :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: so I’m going to simulate each approach in R to see which is more profitable for varying Færie Gobmother appearance rates and numbers of battles.

They are both worth 150 points after ~17 fights of Wind Archer (assuming 7.5 average increase). But those 17 fights you’ve only accumulated 1530 points with Wind Archer, but you would have accumulated 2550 with Gobmothers. You need another 16 fights before your total points fighting Wind Archer matches what you would have gotten fighting Gobmothers.

If you ignore the Gobmother, you still have to fight other things that show up, since everything else scales and is better than Wind Archer.

That’s why I made that chart… after 33 Wind Archer battles, you’ll have passed in points from wind archers what you would have gotten fighting 33 Gobmothers, and the only scenario you’d take a Wind Archer is if every other option is also a Wind Archer or a Gobmother, so I don’t think a hundred sigils is exaggerating, but I could be wrong.

You’re comparing apples to oranges.

There is no world where you haven’t been forced to fight several Wind Archers by the end of the event, so treating the two fights as equivalent is futile if you’re trying to model the actual scenario. Using the numbers from your own chart, the scores for several actually possible outcomes are as follows:

Wind Archer + Færie Gobmother   Total Score
      20    +        5             2,280
      21    +        4             2,287.5
      22    +        3             2,302.5
      23    +        2             2,325
      24    +        1             2,355
      25    +        0             2,392.5

There are only two scenarios I’d fight a wind archer. The first is if the board had four wind archers. The second is if I expected to have so many battles against wind archers that it would surpass gobmothers. In the latter case, ignoring Wind Archers over Gobmother lowers your score in the long run. In the former case, which I assume the majority of players are in, you should ignore Wind Archers unless you can’t, and always take Gobmothers over them. The other fights (legendary/epic/mythic) start with higher fetaher counts and increase by more feathers each fight, so it’s much more realistic for them to outpace Gobmothers for a normal player.

This event has no resets, so yes, you will very quickly end up with a map that has 3x Wind Archer and 1x other. (Often happens to me by the end of Monday! :sob:) And every time you do that ‘other’ fight, it has a 17-20% chance of giving you that 4th Wind Archer.

As for ‘normal players’, absolutely agree. I’m only buying tier III myself, so obviously I’ll be prioritising FG ahead of WA. From the start, my analysis has been only about players going for tiers IV/V+ - either because they really enjoy the event, are tackling the leaderboard or need to do lots to support a lazy guild. For those players, WA will outscore FG.

Edit: Yep, it’s happened already! Yay.

World event Lore text this week:

"What had the Faerie Gobmother been up to now? She’d created a new type of STRIX? A flightless one? This wouldn’t end well - we needed to help these poor creatures before the other STRIX wiped them out.

Rally some Mystics to defeat the STRYX, and take their feathers as trophies."

Third time’s the charm :upside_down_face: