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Has to be DUKE is now full! Weekly reqs. 500k gold (1 mil on gw week) 2000 seals, 500 trophies. All events are added up and divided by 30 that way everyone does their part. LT's on GW week, All weekly events completed, 40k seals

We have one spot open for an awesome new guildmate that is willing to do their part! We did 194 Lts last gw and are currently ranked 103 and climbing. Come check us out and see if we are a good fit for you :wink:

Come give us a try, I can guarantee you will have fun!

We are only 630 days old and doing awesome! Come help us climb!

We are a guild where everyone does their share, we have an active guild chat and all like to have some fun!

Come join us, everyone is helpful and friendly :sunglasses:

We have 1 spot open, come join in on the fun!

Don’t be fooled by our reqs, we are in no way a casual guild. We keep the reqs low for guildmates that are having a tough week, they are still easy enough to meet. If you are a daily player come and check us out!

We need one awesome new guildmate that is looking for a guild where everyone does their part! The opening is for next week. Let me know if you are interested in joining an awesome guild with helpful people and an active guild chat!

We have currently done 126 Lts this gw and are rank 93 and climbing, come help out and have some fun!

We are currently at 137 Lts for this gw! Come join an awesome group of people :grin:

We ended up with 140 Lts after it was all said and done! Come check us out and see if we are a good fit for you

Come join us and have some fun playing!

We are now rank 92, come help us climb!

1 spot open! Come check us out!