Has to be Duke is now full! Weekly reqs. 1.6 mil gold, 2000 seals, 300 trophies. All events are added up and divided by 30. GW optional! LTs weekly! All weekly events completed, 40k seals

‘has to be DUKE’ is really the great guild to end all guilds. if you’re not in this guild, it means something went wrong in your past. there is still time to fix your problems. JOIN US! If interested contact Ms. Duke#1220 on discord or on here. We have an active guild chat and have lots of fun! Come join a great group of people

Meet Daisy Duke, the namesake of the guild :heart_eyes:

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100 LT . Very tempting.

I can only make 2M a week . How can you guys make so much?

We save up until gw week so we can have some fun :grin:

Come have some fun with us!

On non gw week we normally do all regular tasks with 2 to 3 epics completed and a few done on the other epic tasks

The Dukes are a friendly and helpful bunch. We always chat and joke on guild chat and everyone always does their part to help out and get event rewards done. We have members who are very knowledgeable and post teams for everyone in the guild. The GWs before last we got 2 mythics from our LTs :grinning:

oh and GO DUKES!!! DUKES HAVE MORE FUN!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


So much fun and so many great supportive members. Love every minute with my DUKE fam. Come join us find out what all the fuss is about.


Come join the best guild ever! :heart_eyes:

I saw you guys on global chat a lot, indeed.

I somehow made it to be the champion of our guild next GW , I am scared, bad and hard to leave my guildies.

See you around later.

No worries, you do what is best for you. The main thing is that you are having fun!

Come check us out, we are a friendly and helpful and fun guild! :blush:

We work together as a team to get stuff done :sunglasses:

Come and see if we would be the right fit for you!

Come join us, we have a crazy fun dawg! :joy::rofl:

A lot of you know me. A lot of you don’t. If you want a really good guild, look no further.

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One spot left!

Come help us climb the ranks! We are rank 120 right now :grin:

In a dead guild? Join us and enjoy the game again! Woot!

sorry, my name isn’t duke.

Hahaha! Mine is :rofl::joy: