Has the chance of getting gold rewards from Delve chests been decreased? Discuss

Just thought I would open a new thread for this so nobody can be flagged as posting off-topic replies about this in another one. That was all.

Im on switch, so we dont even have 4.7 yet and i often go 6+ runs w/o a gold drop…

Reading the other thread, these guys getting gold or multiple gold drops every day just sound pretty lucky to me…

Its all ancedotal, including my experience, but 3 attempts a day is a rough sample to not be biased about. My 2 cents.

20k gold again today… seems to be the most I ever get recently. Was always at least double this previously.

Well, no golds from chest today and yesterday neither but tbh the 3 daily delves are 1) a litle few to be a good sample and 2) utterly useless when you alrady sit on over 50k shards, and like 5k legs and 3k myth ingots.

So am just gonna wait for next new delve and check how much i am gonna make out of the 70ish delves done during the event, if again revenue will be like 1 million something happened seen is since potions exists i pretty much always got the same amount of tiers and kinda made the same amount of golds each event.

As for the 20k i think is ok, doing lvl 50 and starting at x0,5 multiplier you end with lame multiplier even doing “generous delves” like Wild court (is already a lot if i get to x3 at the end), during this week tuesday event got once a 30k and once a 60k that are kinda what you usually get starting at x2 multiplier.

3 quick level 20 delves of fang moor nets me about 100K gold, so gold seems fine to me.

0 gold from all 3 chests today. Glad RNG still favours others though.

Perhaps if we all started taking screens like we did when we were trying to figure out Adventure Board drop rates we could determine whether something is amiss?

To avoid confirmation bias it would have to be all three battles’ results every day shown, and all loot rolled during the faction event, too. But if even 10 people helped, we’d have a decent sample size in a relatively short amount of time…


My chest Quality is 10 and when I used to get gold it was at least 60k. Now my quality is same and I hardly ever get gold and when I do it’s just 20 ish gold. Even on the events the gold is way down.

Well, next new delve can take note of how many gold i had before starting it, how many will waste on hoard and how many i will have at the end.

But anyway for what? only to hear “it’s rng”? (where it was that rng in all the delves launched since potion exist then lol?).

Anyway there’s also 1 good side, seen i dont nolife pvp new delve event (and somewhat also tuesday ones) helped me get the golds for the guild so i pretty much always bought right away x10 tiers 7 nm what.

On last one tbh see what i was getting, or better what i WASNT getting (seen was getting all but gold rolls on chests), had hard time to to find the will to finish all sigils.

Defo on next delve i will start with a really low amount of tier 7’s (not sure what’s the minimun you need to reach lvl 500 before the end of the event), will rely’ on explore for golds (getting tokens too, more useful than shards, ingots, souls or glory) and at same time save gems (even tho already now got lot more of i ever had in my gow life lol).

Oh, another good side is that even having the time doing 70/80 delves runs (clearing all rooms) in 3 day is boring and LONG, so some time saved too.

0 gold from all 3 chests today but I am resigned to the fact that I am just now continually “unlucky” since the last update and was more “lucky” before then.

Seems no point providing any further information since it will be dismissed as anecdotal/RNG based/confirmation bias. My memory of getting more frequent gold rewards before the last update for many months since Delves were introduced is irrelevant.

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It’s been Nerfed. Was it on purpose or accident? No clue. I just know that I can count :sunglasses:


I am convinced delve chests have been nerfed. Firstly, the frequency of my chest level being only 3 when I get to the final fight is very noticeable and when I win that fight the gold drop is definitely less, or non existent. Shards souls and ingots etc are plentiful but the days of gold are not. I remember regularly getting 60K plus from delve chests but havent had that since the update. I’ve noticed my gold stash has been depleted significantly by pvp and delve changes.


I’m still getting lv10 chests and gold rewards from my daily delves, not every day of course but I don’t think it’s been nerfed. I think what’s happening here is since the pvp gold nerf everyone is paying close attention to their rewards (more attention than before).

Until we know the exact average gold before the update and the exact average gold now it’s all speculation.

If anyone were to do this, I’d recommend multiple consecutive days, intent to do so signaled ahead of time if someone wanted to do this (not it).

The problem is not having anything concrete to compare it to. In my experience, getting any amount of gold on the rewards screen has always been somewhat of a rare occurrence… probably in the realm of <4% (per loot slot) if even that. Getting a drop that can be parsed out to 4k base (or 2x 2k base, which can also be used to explain most 50k+ drops) has always been really rare for me.

Cursory tests running yesterday’s delves on all four accounts (6x Silver Necropolis, 6x City of Thieves) yielded 3 separate gold drops that could be parsed to 2k base gold and I saw Cedric room 3 times. Most runs yielded a level 7 or 8 chest levels after the boss, so probably about 90 total chest loots. This ended up being very close to my estimation for such a small scale test.

I’m curious to know what the actual rates are… but not curious enough to gather and parse hundreds of chest drops. Especially since items are not displayed by “loot slots” but end up mashed together and the base drops have to be calculated. You can, of course, script part of this process, but it is still a huge amount of effort to get any degree of precision like this.

I’m just going to echo my continued sentiment that all random drop rates (or at least, what they are supposed to be) in the game should be disclosed somewhere. It shouldn’t be on the playerbase to guess whether or not something is working correctly, or if it has changed. If rates were disclosed, and this thread were “stated gold rates in delves are wrong”, I could show you exactly your expectation of getting “dry streaks”, how much gold you’d get from delves on a given week on average, and if these were way off the mark it would warrant further investigation. As it stands now, it is impossible to tell if anything is wrong, there is a sentiment of distrust hanging over the issue that can’t be solved because there is no hard data, and if something is wrong it won’t ever be fixed (because it can’t be proven, and no action will be taken without a degree of “proof”). Knowing how things are supposed to work so we can get them fixed if they are wrong is a win/win.

To any claim that base amounts of gold dropped in the end chest has been altered, though… I see no evidence of this at all. Unless you can show a base drop of lower than 2k gold. Base amounts of 2k existing as long as delves have existed is 100% provable through just screenshots posted on this forum in the past, so claims of always getting at least 60k gold (not possible with a single 2k base gold drop without a >7.5 treasure modifier, which is in and of itself not possible in any current delve) are either hyperbole or just incorrect.


One clear way in which delves have been nerfed is that the chest upgrades are capped at 10. I just had my chest at level 7 going into the final battle in a delve with quality 10. I should have had level 11 chest, with the upgrade from the boss room, and the 3 upgrades from quality 10. Final chest value was 10.

Chests have always been capped at 10, so that’s a feature rather than a nerf, but I agree that not being able to get a 10+ chest is a bit deflating.



My gold percentage before the update was about 5.7%. I haven’t tracked it since the update. I think I’ll track gold for a couple of weeks and see how it compares starting next week.


I have had chests as high as 12 in the past.

Screenshot in the studio, please?
Chests above 10, as others say, have never existed.


Let me just hop in my time machine… :rofl: :joy:

And perhaps I am mis-remembering having a chest at 11 or 12. I don’t think I’ve seen 10 more than a few dozen times. Telling someone to produce screenshots of something from the past is a childish tactic.