Has anyone Farmed Traitstones recently on the X1?

XBOX ONE Question

Has anyone farmed for Traitstones recently for an extended period on the Xbox after this latest patch? Last week I had a low drop rate in Khetar, where I had to do hundreds of Explores for 3 Arcane stones. Today I just needed 1 Forrest Arcane to Trait “Ketras the Bull”. I stopped after 100 and still not a single Arcane.

As you know, I’m on PS4 not X1, but after our conversation last week, I have been keeping a closer eye on things. I picked up 4 arcanes in Khetar in about 35 explores yesterday, so a very good run. Probably just bad luck for you. Just 4 more to get Abby her 3rd trait.


I would normally agree. But why would Runic and Celestial also be dropping at a lower rate than normal? For the next 100 I keep extra detail records for my self.

I don’t know, but on a cosmic scale, you’ve still got a relatively small sample size there. For what it’s worth, I’ll start keeping detailed numbers myself when I’m grinding explores. Should be quite a bit this weekend.

That’s a very low sample and only about double the rate so not unreasonable at all. On the X1 last week it must have been 3 stones for 350+ explores or more

So I’m around 3 stones for 450+ explores recently

Also ps4 here. I’ve had ebb and flow scenarios when I’ve tried farming. Managed to get a run of bloods and darks (12 total) in < 100 matches. But now that I need skulls and spirit, I’ve pulled 3 in about 200 matches (all spirit, no skulls). Still get runics fairly common and even hit a celestial. Best I can say is keep at it, though I know that’s not that useful. Just sharing my own experiences.


Hey @Strat, I had to do some hard farming as I need 16 Arcane Spirits. So I packed some bombs and set out to mine Khetar until it’s a wasteland.

My results ran both ends of the gamut. I got 6 Spirits inside of 50 games. After that things dried up somewhat. Found 2 more (and a Celestial) over the next 150 games after that. Again a small sample but need 8 more so I can let you know how that goes too.

Edit: Hmm, just noticed in both cases I was averaging 6 per 50 and then 1 per 50ish. Wouldn’t mind if it holds up for the next batch.


I carefully tracked 41 explores today across two kingdoms. Picked up 3 Arcanes, 0 celestials, 6 runics, 10 majors, 22 minors. Seems perfectly normal to me.

Guess I’m just lucky.

Only did 100 games. Scored 7 arcanes and 3 celestial though again 5 came very quick and the rest were spaced out more.

Now I need 6 darks… And 9 venoms

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I think your results were almost perfectly in line with expectation. As far as I can tell, the best estimate of expected distribution from large samples collected by players is:
Minor 49%, Major 24%, Runic 18%, Arcane 6%, Celestial 3% (with minor, major and runic a coin toss to determine color after the rarity is selected).

Well just to add that I’m not always so lucky. Farmed for a couple of hours and only scored 2. Oh well, it happens.

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It still seems to me that all the PS4 players posting above are getting normal Explore results. And its only the XBOX ONE players that are getting ~2% (1:50) Arcane drops same rate.

I really wanted to see if anyone on the XBOX ONE had done a few hundred of Explores recently and was getting the around 9% Runic, 2% Arcane in Explore.

I know that hundreds are a small sample but buy combining ALL three “higher” Traitstones together and with multiple players a bug might be able to be shown.

Q. What are the odds of multiple XBOX ONE players getting 9% Runic 2% Arcane 1% Celestial, the exact same drop rate as non-explore?