GW scoring is fixed and not so bad

You get a small bonus for fewer turns, taking less damage, and gaining lots of mana. No more exploits for tons of points.

I’d like to see a rotating variety of small bonus conditions weekly, color just isn’t enough.
*Stay on topic and polite please, discus ONLY scoring and scoring bonus conditions since that can be adjusted without a patch.

Remember, these are basically tie breaker conditions. Once justice and a few other teams are nerfed, 5/0 will be more common.


I’d also add adjusting the point conditions when you lose.

You get a speed bonus when you win, but what about a consolation bonus when you lose but are able to survive and drag the game out?

If a long hard fought match that you eventually lost netted you more points (curse you constant resurrect after death) I’d like it.


I like the idea, and add that to the defense teams too.


Is there any way to see how your GW defense team does each day? I looked but don’t see this info anywhere.


Look in your PvP log. See if there’s a match against the other guild and guess if that was a gw match or a regular PvP one.


I had a close loss yesterday, down to 1 on 1 and they were the lucky team with a skull.
It was one hit left for either of us. Not my lucky day.
A few more points for a close call would be great!


Okay, I’ll bite. The score needs to consist of three components:

1.) A skill component. Not just everybody should get points, you need to win. I propose 1000 points, awarded for getting to the victory screen.

2.) A variety component. Using the same team all the time gets boring, there needs to be an incentive to not always use the same four troops. I propose 125 points, awarded for each troop within the team at the start of the battle matching the daily color.

3.) A tie breaker component. Something that pulls scores apart whenever several players perform equally well. I propose a random number in the range 250 - 500, awarded on reaching either the victory or the defeat screen (no points for quitting).

This will make players get at least 250 points for each fight, 2000 at most. It’s easy to understand, allows any play style players may wish to follow, with a very clear goal. Win, no matter how.

What about the random factor, isn’t that possibly unfair? No, it will filter out, in the long run those winning more often will get the better total score. Statistics. You don’t really need to understand it, you just need to ask yourself one question:

“Would I have noticed if scoring had already been changed to contain such a random component?”

A complicated, multi-layered calculation based on components not known to the player is nothing but a random number for all pratical purposes. Keep it simple.

For changes requiring a patch, introduce a daily tribe (e.g. Human, Dragon or Rogue) in addition to the daily color. Same scoring rules, adding troops of the correct tribe to your team also grants an extra 125 points each. This will spice up variety even more, making each Guild Wars week unique for a long time.

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It would be cool if they did a rarity condition one week for both defend and invade, where additional points were earned for the lower the base rarity being used, earning full points for anything rare or under.


Point multiplier for lower rarity troops.

Common: 8x
Rare: 4x
Ultra Rare: 2x
Epic: 1.5x
Legendary: 1.25x,
Mythic: 1x

Ditch all the “efficiency” crap.

The main thing to balance is the difference of difficulty when you play as a Solider or Paragon.
So either reverse in invade the sentinel bonus so Soldier has the best bonus and Paragon the worst.
Or to add a multiplier so Soldier could earn more points compared to other GW ranks (the battle should be more difficult for him).


How about this! Make guild wars more of a challenge by giving bonus if you use fewer than 4 troops and still win! How about not having a daily color but a weekly color and you can only use a troop one day the next day you have to use a different troop! That would be a challenge!

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I feel the band of scores is rather narrow now. If you do really well, you end up with around 1400-1450 points. If you don’t do well but still win, it’s normally in the 1250-1300 range. Assuming you use all 4 troops of the right colour. No much of a differentiator.


Yep, I believe I’ve mentioned that a number of times and when the 27 player rule comes in the difference will be even smaller between guilds.

But, no one thought it was an issue. Time will tell. :grin:


~50 points variation for a good battle is fine, it doesn’t have to be a lot. We just need to avoid 5/0 6300 × 30 players.
When cascades and justice is fixed, we’ll be winning more gw battles.


How can you win more than the every one you’re winning already?

Daily battles silly, a lot more players will go 5/0 regularly.

My 5/0 day today with X2 spider kraken.
1470 took no damage, opponent tiny mana
1470 same as above
1369 (lost and respawned troop)

Yep they need to stop “babying” the scores on the low end. If you win the battle but lost 3 troops you shouldn’t earn 1250 points regardless. Performance should be rewarded and barely scraping by should maybe give you 750 to 900 points max.


I like how you broke it down:
Tie breaker

I don’t agree with your suggestions though lol

Tie breakers; I’d like to avoid coin flips. Speed and effeciency are often tie breakers in many events. Less moves, damage and more mana at around +4% max bonus seems great.

Variety. So far color only, but I’d like to see race and kingdom too. Maybe two or three kingdoms or races at a time so you have more variety.

Great post, I can only see a handful of players is not liking the currently system. It is always the same, always. So that’s great news for the Devs. :slight_smile:

I think the new system will be fine, but I’d still like to see a couple of minor tweaks:

  1. Do something about the ability to clear 4/5 matches without penalizing yourself. For example, count “actions” for the speed calculation as “every spell cast plus the last gem-match of your turn”. That would still penalize endless looping and inefficient use of extra-turn generating troops, but not punish you for cleaning up the board before you hand it to the AI.
  2. I’m not totally sold on how they seem to be counting damage. It doesn’t make a ton of sense to me to ignore devour, insta-kill, burn, poison and punish the use of true damage. I know that you’ll ultimately benefit on the “speed” calculation by using those mechanics, but it just doesn’t feel fair to me.

#1 is a lot more important to me than #2, though.