GW: DE, Rope Dart teams

This is what guilds are putting up strategically for defenses now a days. Remember the days where people had imaginations? I guess those days are over :cry:

Nope :rofl:


As far as I remember (so from the very 1st GW) there have always been meta defenses in GW.


If you are used to defenses in lower brackets, the opposition at higher brackets might surprise you. I know I didn’t put up a meta defense until my guild was in regular contention for bracket 10; perhaps other people felt similarly.

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I remember putting DE and Rope Dart before they became meta :stuck_out_tongue:

What are those misterious stuff you talk about?

I stopped put DE (and never used rope) cuz it sucked hard every gw, cant wait until we got all 6 Dooms that create skulls instead.

“Would you like this soggy pretzel, this cardboard dagger or this tactical nuke for your defense team?”
“Uh, am I allowed to pick the nuke twice?”


There are only a few defenses worth a snot. Every now and then I see something clever, but it tends to spread since people see it and use it if they think it’s promising.

The exciting part is there are 4 or 5 viable GW defense teams today. This time last year there was 1. If the trend continues, this time next year there will be choices and you’ll see it switch up a little.

The trouble is even the most viable teams are doing amazing if they hit a 30% win ratio.

It’s always like this, we use it and people copy it until everyone use it then start the complains :slight_smile:


A guild put up their best defenses in Guild Wars. How dare they. :roll_eyes:

That’s (likely) a feature, not a bug. Every defense win is an offense loss. You think the forums are bad today with complaints about RNG/skyfall/etc, let’s see that defense win rate reach 50% :slight_smile:


I thought of that after I posted, haha. Definitely a problem if we have a team the CPU can win something like 65% with.

It just makes for a weird scenario with GW defense. The “best” teams are the ones with high-variance overpowering moves. Those are also the most frustrating to face, because when they hit their lucky strike there’s no counter.

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Rofl. Rickys comedy strikes again. Next he will be popping a gag saying this time next year his guild won’t have been significantly overtaken. Maybe those defs that only “you” invent will save the day :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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So far I have a Def at 67% and 100% but I told them sorry in advance.

How many times have you won guild wars? Less than I have fingers on one hand.

Please continue this discussion in the new ‘Xbox Drama’ Category :slight_smile:.


I won 15 times today and 15 yesterday and 15 the day before that with no loses but who is counting. Crap you were talking to the other guy lol.

How many accounts do you play Guild Wars on?


I play three

Not you silly, how many times your guild get the 1500 gems? No more than three I bet.