GW battle from yesterday

How does this happen? Am I looking at this right? Didn’t my Guild win? We clearly have more points. Don’t we? How do I post pic?

In the post window, you should see a bar of icons. Pick the icon with an upward arrow on it. It will give you an upload window.

perhaps you gained more points towards yesterday’s guild today
when ppl do their fighting it keeps updating points through entire week, but the daily victory is decided upon state of points during daily turnover

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Ok…so at reset this morning. They were winning. So they got the win. Then someone from my Guild played after reset and those points were added to the final calculation?

precisely, id call it more a summary then a calculation :slight_smile:

thanks to this, by the end of week you can add the points vs each guild and see the total is equal to your total guild war points in the ranking, it makes sense

Whoever is ahead at the end of the day (dev time) gets the daily win.
However, people in both guilds still have all week to do their battles if they didn’t finish them. So, your guild could win the day but lose the war at the end of the week.

I agree it makes sense. I forgot that it’s possible to go back or even wait til the end of the week and fight all battles. You just don’t receive bonus points for color. Correct? And I must be slow right now cause I just woke up…but I still can’t figure out how to upload this pic.

Dev time is Australian time right? My game resets at about 2 or 3 am where I am at.

You do still get the bonus for colors. The only downside is that your fights don’t count towards a daily win if they aren’t fought on the day.



Ok. I think I’m tracking now. Thank you all.


just to make it clear, the colors are assigned to enemy guilds not to the day

so if you wait till weekend you still need to have 6 different teams not just one :stuck_out_tongue:

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I see what you saying and that’s what I meant. I know that’s not what it sounded like. Thank you. @Annaerith. This forum is very helpful.