Guild Wars Will be Temporarily Offline

We can only guess why they had to stop it completely :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I can offer 2 possibilities:

  • after analyzing 2 months data they saw that GW’s been ruining the game economy somehow, and they need to revise numbers before it gets worse.
  • someone found and started using an exploit based on the current GW mechanics and they can’t just fix it without rebuilding the whole thing.

[quote=“Saltypatra, post:1, topic:27535”]
giving us an opportunity to review and tune Guild Wars
[/quote] is not explaining at all why to turn them completely off.


@Saltypatra or @Ozball Please sticky this post to get the level of awareness as wide spread as possible and to get as much feedback as possible from all players.

Please take your time :wink:

I will definitely miss GW - hopefully it will be back soon and be better than ever! It really added some depth to the game for me which helped with the monotony of regular PVP.


From the moment there’s a spot and you want back in, it’s yours :wink:


I think you should save it until they respond. Loyalty matters most.

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He’s in our sister guild. We keep in touch on discord :wink:


The only thing I can’t stand about Guild Wars is

The event with 50 % stats lets say I’m a Soldier and I’m facing the Paragon it is almost impossible too win so HARD.

Put the event down too just 25 % stats that’s more then enough

Just my opinion

DAY 1: 3 Brown troops and 1 Blue

DAY 2: 2 Purple and 2 Yellow troops

DAY 3: 1 Red, 1 blue, 2 Green Troops


I think it should be mixed colors, so it would be more fun and not repetitive.


We took into account a lot of factors before making this decision. Yes, Guild Wars was a success for us, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to make it better and improve our game as much as we can. We are committed to always improving the gameplay experience for our players, and as we are a small team, taking it down will give us the opportunity to review and tune this feature more efficiently.

I am aware that this is a controversial decision and we did not make it lightly. For those that wanted a break, enjoy your time off! For those that love Guild Wars, it will be back better than ever!


Thank you @Saltypatra and please dont listen to those who would have you guys nerf GW


Is there any reason that more notice wasn’t given? I’m sure some guilds may not have removed members for whatever reasons including vacations or other obligations, if they would have known guild wars was going to be offline for two weeks.

Had more notice been given guilds could have granted their members a temporary stay away.

Just saying more than a few hours notice would have been ideal. Perhaps a week.


The truth is we announced this as soon as we were able too. We needed to liaise with certain people and make sure that we could make this change across all our platforms without encountering any bugs or unforeseen issues.

Also, as we are an Australian office, while we were working on this decision over the weekend, we didn’t know for certain until Monday (when everyone was in office) that it would work smoothly. I had the post written up early Monday morning and as soon as everything was confirmed across all our staff and platforms I posted as quickly as I was able.


Do the Dev team have some plans ready for the Guild War, so it will not be too dependent on the suggestions some are giving you? :slight_smile:

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High-fives all through the office please Salty. The team has earned it.

Keep slicing 'em up.


You are coming back to Mean Machine soon, we need a strong wolf like you.

We have some plans but are looking into suggestions as well. We are taking our time because we don’t want to mistep.


Does this mean that it can take more than 2 weeks before we will have Guild Wars back?


I’m not holding my breath for it to be back in 2weeks. Would be great if it was only 2 week break. I think console needs an update. Shame.

I love guild wars. It’s the only reason why I returned to the game after having 7weeks off due to boredom. Only real thing I would like to see changed is defense teams must use the days colour. I think the rewards are fine as is and Guild Wars must stay WEEKLY or I’m out. Too boring if not weekly. Sorry devs

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