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Guild Wars Team Score Bug - Free to Exploit?

For those who don’t know about it yet, there’s a weird bug within Guild Wars that allows playing as one team and getting credited for using an entirely different team. I don’t know the exact steps to trigger it, I’ve run into it twice now, both times costing me several hundred points due to mismatched colors.

Which gets me to my main concern. I know exactly which team will be used for score calculation whenever this bug hits. I could possibly set this team to favorable colors each day to prevent accidentally getting docked points. And I could possibly run strong mismatched color teams for tough battles to increase my chances of winning, while still accidentally qualifying for the full color bonus.

What’s the official stance on this? Fair Play says that I shouldn’t be exploiting this, it’s quite tedious to keep two teams in sync prior to each match in order to ensure I don’t benefit though. The issue also seems to be somewhat common, due to the “secret” scoring formula most players just don’t notice. It does feel pretty annoying to jump through hoops just because I’m one the few realizing what’s going on.

The bug report regarding this matter seems to be gathering dust, so any help from that side feels unlikely to happen.

You should post this under Bug Report category.

You can also post here. I think that the issue is identical:

That’s my bug report from a month ago. I’ve been updating it a few times, it didn’t seem to have received much developer attention though.


Well, poke @Kafka and @Cyrup about this. It’s important enough.

Yes i believe this glitch or someqhing similar is still occurring and would like an update on this. As it too coincidential the same guild wins Bracket 1 GW everyweek without fail and they do their battles mostly all on a sunday. As doing the glitch daily would be obviously troublesome than doing them all on one day.
This shouldnt go ignored . If you know there is a problem with programming just shut down GW till you resolve the situation. Because there is obviously a problem and its being exploited.


Sometimes real life comes first and foremost so players have to wait till the weekend to take part in something that requires time and strategy.


I don’t want to replicate this bug, but It would be nice if the developers have a solution, maybe in a 4.4 update?

Lol that’s a new one :joy: thanks, I needed that!

Nah, this is how GW is designed. The top bracket is insulated from change by the next few brackets. So it faces the same people every month, who happen to be the same people it beat last month. The same thing’s happening below it, so the same guilds shuffle in and out every GW.

So the expected outcome is not an awful lot of churn. The only way for them to drop significantly is if they had to face new opponents with strategies they hadn’t seen before, which is unlikely because A) GoW isn’t that deep and B) it takes more than a year for a new guild to make it there so it’s more likely new, clever players just join the top guilds.

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By ignoring the actual point is a good way to divert the actual issue. Me updating this post has obviously upset those perhaps doing it funny that! Nothing in relation to what i said.
Koro 4.4 update probably wont solve the issue at hand but I hope it does because then will we see a drastic change and those who are actually doing it cry about not liking the update. Its gone on for far too long.
Hence why now this post is trying be covered up with nonsense for it to be ignored or made to be an irrelvent post.
@Kafka @Cyrup @Saltypatra
Hope this is going to be looked into further devs, please, thank you.

Nonsense? Just clearly stating why some of us finish on the weekends. As far as upsetting us your mistaken. We are at the top due to communication and working together. However, I do hope this “glitch” gets resolved.


Yes, let’s please resolve it to prove, just like with the last update, that nothing is going on and then we will wait for them to concoct some other bs accusations. It boils down to communication, team building and strategy. But by all means, keep making baseless claims rather than working on skill. It gives me some entertainment when I’m in the bathroom :rofl::joy:

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Over in XBox land, my guild has placed first in guild wars 49 times so far… No cheating, we’re just that good :wink: