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Guild Wars - Sneak Peek Wrap Up

I gotcha. I just wanted to make sure I understood it properly before giving out wrong information to others.

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You mean Ascend right?

I think its pretty clear that Courage is far stronger than the other Guardians even without Bone Dragon. And nothing stops us from running Wraith Courage Courage IK or something…

I also share the worries about the 340 Gems/week thing, and about the bit where (in a bracket system) the top guilds will only ever see other top guilds and dumb zero-fun defenses.


Great information and I think that the vast majority of the people will be happy with the changes and the way you guys listen to us makes such a difference to the norm.
Just my two cents…
Can we please leave the troop nerf pleas out of here? Bone dragon and spirit fox are the only troops that are getting on my tits but this isn’t the thread to complain about this. :wink::wink::wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Guild wars troops… Putting them in guild chests is a great idea but won’t that dilute the amount of guardians you pull? How about putting them in once your guardian is mythic?
I look forward to seeing what guild wars brings to the table. I wasn’t looking forward to paying 340 gems for the maximum troop stats and hope that’s been altered, sorry if I missed it.
Great work as always folks.


We still want to hold off on nerfing Courage and/or Wraith for the time being so we don’t have to touch them twice. Once we see how nerfing Bone Dragon changes the way people play the game, we will look further into other troops.


Our thoughts exactly!
But we’ll get a proper plan together for that in the next 1-2 months.


@Sirrian Not sure if you’re aware of this thread I made:

I still have a few questions that I’ve put in a FAQ section at the end of the OP, perhaps you can answer them there? I’d appreciate that a lot.

Thanks in advance!

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I’ll try to get to that a little later… just going into lockdown here for weekly event changeover.

Our playerbase grew DRASTICALLY this week, due to the fact that we were trending in the Google Store… hopefully it won’t be too rough on the servers!


Just logging in now to make it a little worse for you :smiley:


I still can’t even log in at all. I think it’s on my side, but i’m out of options. :grinning:

Anyways, Guild Wars yeah!

I’m still on-topic.


(Before brackets)

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Come at me trolls! I’ve got a mythic kraken to slap you lousy landlubbers with

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Just a little clarification. In the original Sneak Peek it wasn’t about to count against the cap - is there a typo above or have you changed your mind about it?


Thanks for daily defense teams @Sirrian. Any chance we could get more team slots and dedicated team slots between PvP invade and single player, when you update the code to support the daily defense teams?


Can we get an answer about sentinel cost? Has that been changed or not? @Sirrian


I understand people wanted brackets to level out the opposing difficulty, but I was under the impression it was much more for distributing the rewards. Based on info from previous previews this means that no matter how well you do your guild’s reward for the week is effectively fixed at the start of the week. In your own example Sparkle Ponies will finish in the 21-50 bracket for rewards regardless of their performance. You say you can move up or down multiple brackets but don’t want to tell us the how so we can’t game it… just how far a jump is possible? If a guild is sorted in at 1000 is the quest to 400 even feasible? That’s 60 bracket jumps to see a change in rewards.

I don’t understand what the point of these brackets are. It doesn’t change anything. You’re still basically competing for the top prize which will never be achievable for the average guild.

There should be something for the first place of every bracket. It could be even 20-50 gems only and at least it’s SOMETHING. I highly doubt there will be many guilds that would exploit for that tiny of a reward when they’d want to push forward for the big rewards. Just literally any little tiny thing that gives you a goal to top yOur bracket as a midguild

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I’m missing the exact workings of the scoring system.

So far we know

  • Winning matches earns you a base amount of points based on the rank of the opponent (Paragon earns you the most).
  • Guild Guardian level influences those points.
  • Chosen attack team influences those points.
  • But didn’t you mention in Sneak Peak II, that you would earn more points for how well you did win? I haven’t read anything about it.

At this point I think we just gotta accept that the team wants to move forward with this.

Sirrian said in the OP that it’s coming soon, so no more time to make changes I assume. After all the changes they have made, and time spent, I can understand why they want to get it out. :smile:

And Sirrian said he tried but couldn’t make rewards work. Just gotta go with the flow.

(Not to be read with anything other than a calm tone) :sweat_smile:

But i’m bummed about it as well.


Thanks for this awesome update @Sirrian!!!

Regarding brackets:

  1. Yes, the majority suggested them to better distribute rewards, but…
  2. Dev’s originally claimed brackets were too hard too implement, so…
  3. This is a victory, the hard part is done and…
  4. Once GW rolls out, if rewards are still an issue, I trust the dev’s will consider modifications.

I am very excited about this!!! :wink:


if you consider brackets a matchmaking mechanic, not actual reward distribution mechanic then it makes much more sense

i still wonder will the rewards be worth it more then pre-wrap up (really hope so :slight_smile: )

also i hope that maybe after a while a change can be made in bonus stat points distribution @Sirrian, i think it would increase the amount of sentinel purchases a lot and give much more fun to the players too :wink: