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Guild Wars Penalty

Hi there, does anybody else feel that doing all guild wars on the final day is not only cowardly but also cheating? It takes away the difficulty of the class that the opponent has placed on this team that day. Therefor i would like to suggest that there is a penalty for doing so. Let’s say a 1.000 pts penalty per battle that you skipped.

Yeah i really don 't like cheaters and cowards, they are wusses. Thank you for reading this

Nope not in the slightest bit

If someone actually changes class then it possibly does but most people stick with Titan class and that is good for every team

So you want to penalise me because I didn’t have time to do all my battles every day or because I was working on a crappy class that would be unusable with my teams?

I do all my GW battles with maxed out Titan class but last week I was working on upgrading Frostmage so I left my battles until later in the week. How is that being a coward? How is that cheating?

Really wish I didn’t


BTW this isn’t a support thread. You should change the category to guild wars or feature request.

The devs redesigned GW so that people had the choice to play GW every day or to play it all at the end of the week. So, they obviously aren’t going to add your point penalty suggestion.

Also, the incentive for all players in a guild to play daily is that the guild with the highest score on the day of their fight wins the bonus seals.


Nah. Changing this would throw a huge wrench into our ability to compete. Some people literally cannot complete battles every day.


Easiest way round this is to lock in the defence & hero class at reset. This way even if someone fights all 30 battles at the end of the week they still face the hero’s class if it differs.
This is actually something I thought happened anyway but it’s never been confirmed. There has to be a way to make this work surely?


I certainly think it is tactical to play games on last day. I have noticed in bracket 1 recently on xbox that there have been instances where you think you’ve won a day, but then at the end of the week all of a sudden your oppositions points have gone up. This may be completely innocent and somebody may have been unable to play their games on the actual day, but on the other hand it could be a deliberate tactical plan.

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Games played on a later day do not count into the calculation for which guild won an earlier day. While the daily score does update, the winner of the day is determined at the end of that particular day, obvious for the fact that daily win seals are sent aswell.


Thanks, I do understand that you still get your bonus for winning the day and it only affects the points as such, but when you are trying to work out your collective points for the week and what you need to do to finish position x on the leaderboard, it all of a sudden throws you off when your oppositions points change from a previous day.

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Oh i misunderstood your first post then. Got it now.


In no way is it cheating because if it was then it wouldn’t be an option. Some people are too busy with RL to play every day and it’s a good way to allow them to get guild wars done. Yes it’s a pain in the rear if you’re using your hero across your defenses with different classes but that’s the way it is. As mentioned, the only way is to have locked classes for each guild wars day which would be fantastic If they implemented it. Sadly the only other option is not use multiple hero classes if it bothers you that much.

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As I told my old bracket 1 guild: Don’t worry about any other guilds
If you want to win, just assume your guild needs around 50 losses for the week to take first place.
Beyond that, nothing else matters much.

Penalty: ABSOLUTLY not! There already is a bonus for winning.

It may be hard to believe but some people play on console, and don’t own 26 miles of extension cord to play daily. / :roll_eyes:


the penalty for you not playing everyday is that if say … on tuesday you dont play and your guild loses that day by 4k points then I guess thats on you because you didn’t play . Some guilds don’t care … others will shame you for not playing … others will just boot you . this seems to be penalty enough .

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No, it’s not cheating, nor is a person who waits till the end of the week a coward. Some people have real lives that don’t completely focus on gaming and they don’t have the time to play until the weekend. My suggestion to you is that you either leave your hero off your team or pick a class you can stick with all week.


I am so glad to be a part of a group that understands life happens. I couldn’t imagine, with 3 kids all doing activities, feeling pressured into playing gw every day. I play a lot, but not always every day. :shrug: life.


it’s just a game …

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On my tombstone, I hope they write.
“He bravely did his guild wars daily.”

Setting the bar a bit low on acts of bravery/cowardly eh?

What if I want to use a class for offense, and a different one for defense. Too cheap to waste 50 gems. So I have to wait 24 hours for the free class change before doing my wars. How dare i. :grin:

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Tough crowd

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Here is this idiots take on it…
The threat of it causes some players to not use hero weapons.
Some guilds kick for unannounced missing of a day of GW.
Players with all troops maxed could care less about daily win rewards.
End of week ranking for gems reward is what matters.
If ya wait til the end of the week to do guild wars and they have server issues DO NOT expect sympathy when you can’t get them done.
Cheating? Tactic of War? Cowardly?
I personally use hero weapons, play my GW fight daily, and don’t change hero classes during GW week.
Do I think it’s cheating? No.
Do I like getting bumped down a spot Sunday evening by a guild that waits to earn the points they would of got previously in the week? No.
Do I think it is cowardly? No.
Do I think some people legitimately have a life and don’t play until the weekend? Yes.
Do I think bracket 1 is stacked so evenly that any advantage you can get to win is probably necessary? Yes.

This was a bad attempt at a joke. The subject was something in the past that got good people to be called out in Global chat. Thank you Shady for pointing that out. Hopefully Shady will edit his comment to delete what I shouldn’t have said. If not you can read what he copied.