Guild Wars needs changed or replaced

I think that Guild Wars needs to be revamped, because as it stands now, it is becoming really boring…Playing the same 5 defence teams everyday is not fun and makes it feel like a chore regardless of a win or loss…If not, then i think it should be replaced with a different event…Just my personal opinion, but i would appreciate the thoughts of the community regarding this…Thank you


Playing raid, invasion, tower of doom, bounties and delves is much worse in terms of repetition, boredom and number of battles… Please leave GWs alone, those of us that enjoy the game mode already have to go through several weeks of meaningless events in between them.


The day I stop enjoying Guild Wars, I will just skip it :blush::vulcan_salute:


Tbh almost never happen to get multiple same defenses (ok, today had 3 L&D but is a b2 guild came to b1) but actually when it happen i kinda like it, why? cuz i dont need to make 5 different teams for 1 day, once i made a good counter am good to go.

Never happened anyway to find 5 same defenses in 1 day, max i recall was 4 taiyao on brown day (that now is LOT less dangerous anyway).

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I get you op :+1: plus the reward is not as tempting :sneezing_face:
Unfortunately the community has no empathy here (every player for themselves or their guild) they won’t say or support anything unless it effects them or their guild mates personally unfortunately :sneezing_face: #GowStory. Every thread has an opposition from someone (sad) lol
Watch it unfold :sneezing_face: they’ll prove my point :eyes:


Dunno what’s to support there lol.

First of all, maybe prove with some SS that you get EVERYDAY 5 times in a row the SAME def? cuz tbh i dont think that happen, MAY happen ONE day maybe in several gw’s at best.

Second, if you dont like something dont do it, dont really think many guilds got huge reqs about gw, more likely most guilds dont even require you to do it.

I dont like class events and only use free sigils, dont like anymore tod either and only get the weapon and use all sigils to help the guild, dont like bounty and often i dont bother get all prizes either (anyway all above mentioned events are just made to eat tons of gems, or insane amount of time if you wanna do bounty with all bounty troops, and give little/next to nothing in return).

And all the above events are lot more than 5 fights a day hence LOT more boring than GW (that’s a lot of things but boring defo not).

Ofc i see also a problem with GW, is the only event left where Sea Mammals cant drop gamerazillions gems and feed their ego’s.

Of course some people won’t support the removal of GW when they actually enjoy it.


If you don’t like GW instead of trying to get it replaced or changed even though a lot of people do like it you could stop playing it. I really disliked bracket 1 and 2 GW last time I did it but instead of coming here complaining and trying to get it removed I joined my guilds sister guild that didn’t require it and up until this week I didn’t play it for months. You could also join a lower GW bracket. I’m in bracket 20 now and I’m not fighting the same OP crap I did in the higher brackets it is challenging but quite enjoyable.


As you can see OP.
I haven’t said anything about GW apart from that I support your thread and the rewards are poo
But then out of nowhere you I get people like Maxx making statements as if I (I) want the removal of GW. (It was OP not me mr Maxx get yourself some coffee)
If OP first words where remove we might understand why these people are being Salty but OP first words where Change and revamp.
As you can see they take a one word out off thread turn it negative and then try to divert the thread as much as possible instead of proposing solutions.
It’s been like this for sometimes now 0 support just opposition. And that’s why I made the statement above. And my point was proven :ok_hand:

At least it’s a lot better than the old system where you would face 30 battles of Psion/Rag/Famine/Death. Honestly it’s the empowered troops that are the cancer of GW. If you get a opening that fits the AI welp you just lost.


Everybody is entitled to their opinion, it’s how conversations work. If everybody just came and agreed with the OP there would be no discussion.

OP actually requested peoples thoughts, and therefore invites the debate. Looking at all your posts I think you deliberately pick arguments just for the sake of it.

My opnion, GW is the main factor that I play the game for. Yes the defences have become a bit repetitive on certain colour days, but as someone posted above it’s less repetitive than raid and invasion.

I used to relish GW when it was a weekly event. Those that don’t enjoy at least it is now only 4 weekly. There are now more different game modes than I have ever known in gems of war. You can’t please everybody all of the time, so enjoy the bits you like.


GW has a lot of pros and cons.

It’s the cheapest event. That sort of justifies smaller rewards. They don’t seem distributed well for the size of the game anymore, but you can’t buy stats and GW doesn’t sell potions so the buy-in is super cheap.

I do think the bracket system’s poorly-managed. People have complained for years about the plight of a new guild having to spend months fighting through a crowd of guilds that only seem to log on just to keep themselves in GW.

The style of event doesn’t seem to fit GoW anymore, either. Early GoW had much less effective looping or defenses than it has now. That makes it more likely you can spend a lot of time building a team just to lose a dice roll here or there and get wrecked.

So there’s room for revamp but it’s also been discussed to death. I feel like my entire GoW run the devs have had “GW revamp” on the whiteboard. It’s probably never leaving the whiteboard.


Nothing is more fun then fighting l&d teams :joy:

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In earlier days of GW (i.e. before empowered troops and OP weapons, but that’s another discussion that’s been done to death), it was relatively simple to go 30/0 every week (and I’m talking bracket 1). I actually really wanted it to become ‘more difficult’ to test players, and losing a few games here and there makes it more competitive overall. Losing a game from an unlucky dice roll though (i.e. board set up first move for enemy empowered converters then pretty much game over) is not really what I had in mind.

I would even rather the opposition had double stats or something, as you might have an unlucky dice roll at some point, but overall if you have the right team and strategy you would still come out on top. As it is with the current defences one unlucky dice roll and it can be all over. It’s the same for everybody though, so effectively a level playing field. You can’t have all of the luck, all of the time.

Oh but they de revamp it, they changed the occurrence from every week, to every 2 weeks, to every 3 weeks, to every 4 weeks. That’s not what you had in mind I here you say lol!

First of all m always glad to hear from a fan :kissing_heart:
If o didn’t say what I said this convo won’t turn to what it should be (I had to point out that OP wanted others suggestions :sneezing_face:)(my job is done and my point already proven):v:

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Here’s a suggestion that I haven’t heard anyone say before, each GW you get say 3 ‘wild cards’ per day, which allows you to either replay your last move or make the AI replay their last move where they got a lucky 5 gem match drop out of the sky. A bit like rewind in driving games when you take a corner a bit late and smash into the barrier, turning your perfect lap into last place garbage.

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One thing I’ve learned over the years
People dislike the aspect of losing more than anything in particular
I’ve seen losses cause people to whine up a storm or quit entirely
It’s the same with all games anymore

Either don’t play, or maturely accept a loss
It’s supposed to be fun
I’m not saying that’s the real reason for the OP’s suggestion, but it’s highly likely


Check your notifications because that second reply wasn’t to you it was to the thread.

Some people like GW the way it is. If GW was revamped it could possibly be a completely new mode like what happed when challenges were revamped.

Why should people show support for something they don’t want? You wouldn’t want the gems in guild tasks to be replaced with treasure maps so if I made a thread asking for that to happen would you support it?


That actually made me quit the game for a while until Wisp took over. So glad the mana drain days are gone.