Guild Wars Going Forward

I agree with you on both points. But it occurred to me when reading your post, that maybe the reason some people are so bitter about GW is the thing you noted about how there’s not much in it for the lower ranked guilds. So it starts to feel a bit like the elites versus the plebeians.

If they revamped it to dole out better rewards further down the line, that might help some. And yes, obviously, the top guilds should get the top rewards. But it needs to be adjusted so that it doesn’t feel pointless unless you’re at the top.


Diamantina doesn’t have that double cast danger that Stellarix has. Diamantina was already an option for the longest time and yet wasn’t seen as a defensive threat. Honestly, go ahead. It just opens up freeze options on all 6 colors for the opponent team, slowing books down.

Takshaka may as well be treated like a weaker Ctharrasque/Zuul’Goth since its vulnerable to freeze and stun will take that 3rd trait off, but may not even get any one shot off. If that risk sounds good to you, feel free to include that singular Takshaka on defense.


Now that another player who was looking forward to the guild war has just left us, I have to write something.

Firstly: GoW is a great game that I have been playing for 3.5 years.
This is due to the different game modes. In the beginning I wanted Mythic cards and gold; later I was happy about the first Pure Faction; I thought it was great to have over 10,000 trophies in one week - and especially the first 30/0 in B2 is unforgettable.
It was always a goal for me to be Paragon in B1 one day. And that keeps me in the game.

The Guild War is the only mode where you can lose - maybe that’s why it’s so polarising.

I love streaming with guildmates, looking for the perfect counter and the best move. I still find it exciting to click “to battle” in GW and look at the start board - cursing or grinning, depending.
A bit of luck is part of it, that’s okay too. It’s the same with poker, scrabble and roulette. But if the players in the higher brackets generally play no worse than 28/30, it’s not just luck.

I think once a month is a good frequency, as there are often long nights in the stream.

Changes that I think are necessary: Equal rewards for all brackets; sentinels should be compensated. How about an orb for winning the day?

I can’t imagine elements from the new PvP right now. Definitely not talismans! But perhaps it would actually be exciting to have other restrictions. Like in the outer ring, where defence and attack would then be tied to the specifications.

What we need is a challenging game mode. I don’t want to see any more great players go, and looking at the rankings makes me sad at the moment.


Challenging is ok if the goal is quality not quanity. Guild wars was tolerable (barely. I hate it) to me because it was short. But when youre expected to do hundreds of fights to get rewards (top 3) no i dont want challenging every fight

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Yes, that’s what I wanted to say. The sheer number of battles, as in PvP now, is not a challenge. Whoever plays the most time “wins”.
But I think that’s a different thread;)

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Hello. This is my first post and it’s a long one. Sorry for that. For what its worth I can tell you I play in a competitive guild that finishes events top 20 currently

You ask what we like about guild wars. I would say because it is unique for 2 big reasons as follows:

Firstly because unlike every other event in the game, it does not reward speed. Under normal circumstances playing as fast as you can to progress as much as you can to accumulate resources could be considered an efficient approach for everything else whether its delves, dungeon, adventure, explore etc

But that means nothing in GW. Whilst we accept RNG plays its part like it does everywhere else, this nonetheless means that GW is the one area of the game where game knowledge and skill matters. You can take as much time as you want and still do well

Veterans and fans of the event love that. Because they have a chance to distinguish themselves from others in a competitive environment, where a player who plays just half an hour a day can outperform someone who plays 3 hours a day because they’re a more skillful player.

Secondly its not just the competition vs other guilds and climbing the guild ladder that appeals to players. (Although players wont admit it) They like performing against their own guild members and having their results quantified. They like competing for ranks each month and they like fighting for Paragon if they can.

Why do you think the new PVP system has flopped?? (Sorry but it has) Players not playing even in diamond league is evidence that the event is not generating anywhere near the interest that you anticipated it would. Ill explain why

Because the truth is players don’t care about competing with players they don’t know and don’t have any contact with (because you don’t allow this function in game). And if we don’t care about competing against strangers we cant talk to, we won’t care about your pvp leagues.

Do you see the difference? I genuinely think this was an error in perception of what the devs think the players want. It might be if players could communicate. Perhaps if every pvp ladder had its own chatroom?? Now that would be interesting. Players would suddenly be motivated to play

The final point im making here is that players are driven more by the competitive nature in GW, but that’s applicable to their own guildies! and not against strangers they don’t know, cant speak to, and don’t care about.

Hence in contrast we don’t care about the new pvp, and no amount of monoliths or weird items in the pet store is going to change that


Very good point that you bring to the table, DJ - the intern “fight” for Paragon is fun as well, and your explanation is very thoughtful, I think.

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That is actually a very good post indeed!


Excellent post!

The current spoiler info seems to indicate the new ‘alliance’ feature for pvp might have indeed some kind of new chat assoiciated with it, so :crossed_fingers:


Posting this behalf of anonymous GoW friend who doesn’t have forum account:

He is mostly correct about GW. People like to compete. Even in their own guild. And that makes that game mode interesting on various levels, but the issue of the PvP system he is listing is not the problem

The real issue is that PvP feels not like a PvP mode. Its more like a race where everyone but you tries to get first place while you are the only one who wants to go for the fastest lap. It feels isolated and not competitive at all. You could do it without any of the others. Besides bein the only one who competes for a certain challenge, makes it even more awkward and unrewarding to win, or even worse, to loose. Talkin to the others wouldnt change anything at all and would only lead to a bunch of swearin and cussin all over the place

Additionally the broken LB system. Since you fight only for yourself in your own league, you have nothin to compare with. If you get ahead of someone in front of you, doesnt mean that this person will see you in his league ahead of him, coz you are very unlikely in his league at all aka it looses its purpose to “fight” for your rank, if your opponent isnt aware of you and has no need to even know about you. Since he might already be first in his league. Besides there is also the broken reward system where people sometimes randomly get rewards for a rank they didnt end up in their league

The last big problem is the huge RNGesus. Like many people already said, its just who fills Stella/Wand/Takshaka first aka loops better. Ofc the startin player has the higher chances to win that competition, but since this game mode relays too much on speed, you have to use fast teams as well. Even the monolith stuff implements to hurry at all cost. This turns PvP in casinolike game mode where even winning feels pointless since the reward are just a few VP.


I don’t think anyone’s really considered this angle before.

Idea for a new game mode: For lack of a better term, I’ll just call it “intraguild PVP”. Maybe it could be an expansion to the current PVP map, but the difference is that your opponents are selected from fellow Guild members only.


Guild Wars thread so I won’t go too far into it but, this is the same way PVP was before as well.
Currently we’re mid-PVP rework with more features coming though.
We know it’s more fun to compete with and against friends.

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I’m still catching up on everything above but I was cheeky and started reading from the bottom just to see what’s up today in here :slight_smile:

We’re hoping to reply to some of the feedback given so far in the near future. Just taking the time to go over it all and discuss it etc. :slight_smile:


Since the intra-guild Paragon topic has been brought up, highlighting this comment again: if not a ‘reset’ option, maybe a parallel GW pool that allows us to face random opponents without needlessly having to be punished with climbing brackets when we do well?

My guildies like the internal Paragon competition, zero interest in what happens in the bracket, and much rather not face those repetitive defenses found in the top brackets.

:crossed_fingers: :vulcan_salute:

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The reason high brackets play GW is to work as a team, beat their opponents and each other. We even have an alliance cup in our alliance for Gw scoring and we have restrictions by bracket.

It’s kind of obvious. GL are generally spreadsheet maestros as well….

Sadly Anonymous is now down to 1-2 semi barely active players, 13/30 if I include those that haven’t left, but a few of those just are dead accounts. This is despite having 115 guild wars in bracket 1, the most of any guild on PC Mobile. :pensive:


That is crazy. Not sure what happened but good luck putting things back together. I think only 2 guilds from Xbox has more B1 appearances than you. Those would be Guild of Thieves and The Unforgiven. Neither have ever played B2. Pretty sure that’s the only 2 in the game that top you.

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Im of mixed emotions when it comes to guild wars. Im in a guild war optional guild on the phone and play in br2/3 on the playstation.

I like the fact that its a true guild event. Theres a lot of banter in chat gw weeks concern8ng team building and strategy. Helping others to i.prove has always been rewarding.

Fighting for the paragon spot is always a great motivator.

Id love to see a more detailed breakdown of how our defense teams did. See8ng a win loss ratio is fine but id lovw to see damage dealt and troops killed. That would help in deciding which teams to run for defense.

I think an intraguild gw is a fantastic idea.

Every 4 weeks for gw is fine.


GW as it was worked quite well (barring a few bugs). Color restrictions only for the attack seems to me to be the only balanced choice: adding restrictions like in PvP would ruin the mode by excessively restricting the pool and therefore not allowing the use of reliably winning teams; no restriction for the defense teams is essential because it serves to balance the disadvantage due to computer control towards the players.

The only changes I would make if I were a dev are in order of importance:

  1. add Brown Empowered Converters: it is the only day in which you can really say that success is highly dependent on the initial board;
  2. update the rewards: the only currency that interests top GW players are Books. Idk 5 of all colors to the first guild, 3 to the second, 2 to the third, and 1 from the fourth to the sixth;
  3. implement a results screen in which all the battle points and the related calculation criteria explicitly appear.
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Great time to answer a question that’s always been bugging me:

  • Blue: 9 Empowered Converters
  • Green: 8 Empowered Converters
  • Red: 13 Empowered Converters
    (7 of which are specifically Red+Yellow troops)
  • Yellow: 13 Empowered Converters
    (again, includes 7 Red+Yellow troops)
  • Purple: 9 Empowered Converters
  • Brown: 2 Empowered Converters
    (Daughter of Ice, Herald of Damnation)

Total: 27 Empowered Converters

… Wow.


Devs once said brown was not balanced. I literally have no clue why.

The drawback with brown ( colour orientated) is also the lack of cleaning options, as well as limited empowered or even gem creation options. Wand ofc is good but in guild wars you need 2 casts vs the usual opponents.

Brown was for thematically, and apparently, for curse, yellow for cleanse. Dark and Light. Then we had Bane of Mercy on yellow….

One real bad miss on brown imo was Despond. It would have been very useful on brown, rather than pointless more or less on blue or purple.


Hit the nail right on the head! Thank you for the current ratio of the number of empowered troops for their respective colors.

Please for the love of lion Jesus, can you guys please give us like 5 brown colored troops that have empowered so that we can have more options?

@Kafka :heart:

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