Guild Wars Change Suggestions

I would prefer only 3 colors GW per week. My full time job only requests me to work 5 days per week. Why does a game request me to fight 6 days? With all the stress after losing a battle, I don’t need this kind of feeling for 6 days.


I really hope it will turn out to be only two weeks. :crossed_fingers:

I second the suggestion for a seperate log that shows the GW defense results. I really enjoy trying to anticipate what will be used and set up a defense that will counter it. I think more feedback on the results will also help creating more variability in the defenses used.

I don’t think removing the event buffs will make things better, I think it would result in more uniformity instead of less. A lower buff would help better, same for PvP. This weeks event has almost no double buffs and the effect is noticable.

One of the things I like about the GW is the fact the entire Guild is part of it, it would detract if only part of the results would count. I agree that a Guild that communicates and coordinates should be rewarded. That said, I like the suggestion to reward the Paragon. It doesn’t have to be loot, it could also be ‘GW guild standing points’ ( for want of a sexy name, feel free to suggest one! :smiley: ).

Just my 2 cents.

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  1. I thought a good idea would be a webbase interface for the users to post to the guild chat box on gems of war inorder to interact between console players that don’t want to poke there message in. Or in other words can use pc to interact easier.
  2. How about making it playable threw a web app on your browser instead of having to have steam installed.
  3. Keys in log-in bonus would be nice. Help promote new players to stay active.
  4. Being able to replay a story would be nice. I would love to go back and raise the difficulty and try some stories again. Because when you start off who can play threw a level on a hard difficulty.

This is just a few i thought of off hand. Thank you

In my opinion guild wars needs to stay a weekly activity. It brings a sense of community together. Each week we discuss the guild wars daily, it really is a conversation starter, without it it’s just a grind without any real risks.

Guild Wars is the perfect answer for endgame, please don’t change the schedule. Remember it is completely optional if you don’t want to do it then don’t but don’t make others suffer because you find it too stressful or don’t want to commit to like others.


I agree, but would like to see the best 27 scores count for people working away or on holiday etc.


So is this guild of wars the same as gen of wars? I made a in game purchase of a starter pack that was 19.99. It was charged to my account. However my game is now frozen. Need help please.

I think you’ll need to submit a support ticket to get help directly from the developers:

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@Katt is a new member here maybe doesnt know to check back here so i am tagging her to get her attention

Thank I just did that. I appreciate the help


Unfortunately there is currently no way of opting out without affecting your guild. This leads to pressure on the GM to kick those who do not want to play GW. Adding to the problem is the reward structure. Regardless of whether you play or not, everyone in the guild gets the same reward. Players who do not want to play get unfairly labelled as being leeches even though there is no way for them not to take the GW reward.

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Suggestions are cool but no point if the devs aren’t giving any feedback on any of the suggestions I’ve even offered tbh the way things are should just put it in the tried and failed basket but that’s only my opinion… not everyone’s say what you may need input from the devs of this game if suggestions are feasible and I’m out

A question: When will the current guild wars troops be in chests?

My main issue is being able to play all the matches early in the week so that GW doesn’t plant a heavy hand in how I schedule my hectic life.

Big suggestion regarding player variety: Ashtender uses an API that exposes fields in a handy format. One of those columns is invades, i.e. how many times you’ve taken a troop into battle. If you create a similar counter for defends, you could very easily make a bonus system based on how few times you’ve used a troop to defend. If you make those bonuses big enough, suddenly cards that a player never used before have a big bonus. Common defense team will quickly have no bonus at all.

I leave it to devs to tweek the data, but maybe something like
1000 defends +0%
900 defends +2%
800 defends +4%
700 defends +6%
600 defends +8%
500 defends +10%
400 defends +15%
300 defends +20%
250 defends +25%
200 defends +30%
150 defends +35%
100 defends +40%
50 defends +50%

Suddenly all those worthless cards are worth something and people will be changing teams all the time and since it’s per player bonuses will vary per player. There could be some visual indicator and a sort option added to the menu. Then there’s a cost to keeping the same defense team and an advantage to trying out new cards.

BTW I’m assuming that PvP and GW defends are in the same pool with these numbers. If not, adjust appropriately with two different counters.



i had a few things that could be maked better

  1. More Fights in one day … more fights in one day will make me really happy
    5 fights are really small we need more guildfights
  2. Guildseals earn limit per week could be deleted this would help a small guild to earn more seals for the guildsealchest
    and better bonuses
    its really bad that 1500 seals are the maximum of weekly earnings

when this could be change i was really happy



I’d even extend the question a bit. When the GW troops get added to guild chests, will each one of them on its own stop dropping on reaching four at mythic? Or will we get drowned in multiple redundant copies until all of them are four at mythic? Thanks to the shared cutoff I’ve got about 100 extra copies of one of the guild guardians left, so I’d definitely prefer an individual approach.

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How bout this…
As it is we earn 9 seals for winning a GW battle, same as ranked pvp…

But GW is a little something extra compared to ranked pvp so maybe we could get a few extra seals for each GW battle we win…

Say an extra 5 seals per fight for a total of 14 seals per GW battle


Poll almost ready - ill post it within 4-20 hours, last chance to post a new suggestion so i could add it in :stuck_out_tongue:

IMHO just do away with the bracket system. Why not adopt the league system instead? Let all those guilds in that league duke it out in order for a demotion to happen when a guild loses. As it stands, it’s been so easy to gain trophies for one’s guild without any consequence really by playing PvP/ Arena. So why not add that in guild wars exclusively. It’s the one avenue your guild stand to lose [current number of trophies] as well as win [actual] trophies from other guilds. Really provide the opportunity for some serious power shifts in current league standings for those who wish to prove that theirs is the best.

Just saying.

That’s not a good idea imo because all trophies and therefore the league as a whole prove is time spent grinding and little else. Imo the bracket system when working properly is fine.

Mabye give the Paragon an extra bonus to Exp or Gold for the week. Make it something worth the extra trouble without being extra loot.

Weekly for sure. Just this past week me and several others in guild has mentioned it feels kind of boring and just grindy without it.