Guild Wars Change Suggestions

Ugh, what a mess.
@Saltypatra next time, try to break the suggested topics into separate threads.

Suggested sub topics:
Repetitive defence teams and how to fix it.
Offence team color days and statue bonus
How many days a week need to play gw.
How brackets are divided and fight, and prizes for winning.


@UKresistance Of course it’s a mess !
And it’s meant to be, because people are discussing what they like about each other’s ideas.

If Saltypatra only wanted our ideas without any debate around it, she’d have made an announcement for us to complete a google form, not a forum post :wink:

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True, but a clearer brief would have been helpful. We don’t know what the scope is for changes. If the Devs had given some categories, or asked us whether specific aspects of GW were working, it would have made for better responses.


I support the creative defense system, to jumble and break the meta. I guess no one likes to fight the same team over and over again.

What if:

  • The troop used repetitively in guild wars defense will lose stats. (12% per day repeated - which means troop used all days will have only 40% stats on 6th day).

This will strongly encourage players into using different defense teams. I’m aware the numbers I used are strict - so if needed - correct me on those and throw your suggestions.
But you can be 100% sure this will create a window for more and creative defense teams. If anything - we’ll see Justice teams in defense, in addition to Psion Famine.

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In defense of some players though, they set their defense at the start of the week, sometimes from just the PvP default and leave it that way without any thought. Plus sometimes all the teams get reset and the player may not even know it. Happened to me more than once.

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This would cause trouble for the ones that can’t login everyday to change the defense team up.

But you can pre-set the defense for all 6 days beforehand.

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I agree with your first half.

I think that creating valid teams out of subsets other than color is going to be really awkward. Remember that more than 1/6 of the troops in the game have any given color. But we have way more kingdoms and races than colors. Just look at how no one is chasing the wildfolk stone bonus this week.

In many ways the in game chat and active forums (let alone discord) are bad for the pvp experience. The active communication makes it easy for everyone to simultaneously end up at the same strong defense team.

I’ve actually been wondering if the real solution to the static defense teams is not event bonuses, but event penalties. By weakening a small, everchanging subset of cards you might force people to shake things up.

You guys are missing the fact that the whole reason the devs have pvp and GW is that it’s a free way for them to generate endless content for the game. They don’t want extra weekly work.

I personally think that situation could be changed with balance overhaul.
… But that would definitely take more than 2 weeks.

For example… Psion’s 3rd trait that can make a difference of 30 mana on skull match - in combination of his own spell that can strip 20 more … The synergy is way too out of hand. For an Epic, that is. His power is now at Legendary level or above.
Famine … is probably fine now. But in combination with Psion - it’s nightmare. Compared to other troops, that is.

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The best way we’ve found around Psion, is very low cost front troops. Psion hates the Crude Club!

What we suffer from right now is the lag time waiting for the “immune to Mana Drain” troops that are coming.


Psion is a Legendary.


… My bad. I didn’t realize. I don’t even know why I thought he’s Epic. Sometimes it’s meh to tell troops apart when they’re mythic for some time.

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Psion looks a little like Cathy and its an Epic. Maybe you mixed them.

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  1. Allow players to use all 30 attacks on day one. Keep the ‘daily win bonus’ structure; but only count on-color & on-day attacks towards that bonus. (I’d prefer to NOT schedule my Sunday around Guild Wars every single week…)
  2. Attack each rank once regardless of winning / losing attacks. The current point difference between going 5/0 and going 4/1 is HUGE because the paragon fight is worth SO MANY more points. This method allows for a decent point difference between a 4/1 who lost round 1 and a 4/1 who lost only to the paragon. The former would earn more points than the latter; to be clear. This also encourages guild internal discussions about how best to handle the paragon’s defense team, since all attackers will face them.
  3. Something better than ‘guessing’ about how my individual color defense team is performing. At a minimum, a list of each attacker and the score they got off their attack would be nice. (Obviously separate from regular PVP defense logs.)
  4. (Yes, I understand this would likely be moderately difficult to code.) Automatically empower an attack team’s troops to be at least lvl 20 Mythics regardless of their current stats. (Or at least 19 Legendary; or something?) Kind of like the way Arena troops are a certain level / rarity when you play that game mode. Don’t apply this change to the defenders. This moderately lessens the vast ocean of power difference between a lvl 50 player going up against a lvl 1000 player.

Footnote: I actually like being challenged by a Tough defense; I currently win around 97-98% of my matches. Please don’t make winning any easier. (By nerfing weekly bonuses; having devs set defense; limiting troop choices; etc…)


Crude Club? I love it!

I also look for troops that can ‘Stun’ on hit. One or two skull matches will often keep his ability offline long enough to get him out of the way.


Within a guild, it is fairly easy to determine who is trying their best and who is loosing all 5 battles just to get a share of the loot. Players who consistently leech this way would be well justified getting a kick.

On helping new players, rewarding players by battle would help the newer players. GW is tough only if you play the colors and max out the points. It is not too difficult for newer players to win with decent points using 3 color or 2 color decks.

On talking to making things better … well it obviously isn’t going so well given the amount of feedback about how divisive GW has been. Games are fun when they are played in an environment with friends. The current GW reward structure is spoilng that environment.

Here is another idea… How about having a paragon reward of say a VIP key or something like that! :slight_smile:

it is as easy to determine weather a player is fighting or not at all

a guild should be allowed to choose to help weaker players or not, if a system that rewars only the strong players within a guild (and not all guild members) is introduced - then the guild cannot help their weaker members weather they want to help or not.
thats why i dont liek such mechanic
and, as you mentioned, there is always a kick if guild doesnt want to help them

@UKresistance @Zelarith @Whiskeyjack

im working on a more compact list in a form of a poll so for now feel free to just debate :stuck_out_tongue:
i may give it a few more days for the ideas to emerge (plus takes time to put it all together xD )