Guild Wars and sisters guilds


There are still evidences of guilds in bracket 1 proposing collusion to other guilds. Or at least there were until a couple of months ago. All evidences have been sent to devs


The dev team has already addressed this. Collusion has a miniscule effect on the outcomes and they will take no action unless it can be shown to be having a lasting effect on the outcomes. This is just a witch hunt plain and simple.


Continuing the discussion from Guild Wars (Guild Alliances and a Shift in Policy):

So yea, all guild collision is officially against the rules now.


I think I am figuring this out.

I think its pretty clear.


You are a terrible person, and will surely be cursed for all time for this insolence.



That sounds like something that happened before my time but I think what you said just backs up what I said.


We have commented on this, at length, in the past.

Please keep this thread civil, if it devolves into callouts it will be closed.


Take it to a DM! :wink::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Sorry I haven’t had the time to read the forum these last weeks and I am catching up very late.

These two guilds had asked and received permission from the devs before the very first week of GoW. Back then the devs were neutral on that topic. They decided to consider it as cheating after that call out under the pressure of the forum.

As it has been mentioned in the last posts some guilds have been reported by half the bracket 1 and some evidences that there were still offers of colluding have been shared with the devs.
The answer has been this:

So I agree that it doesn’t seem to be very high in their priorities.
Maybe also they don’t know how to deal with it?


This is disappointing, but I’m not the least bit shocked.

Thankfully, I’m no longer involved in the Bracket 1 thunderdome, so it doesn’t taint the game for me personally any longer. I still feel bad for the honest players still involved though.


In my opinion the solution to this problem is very simple, the sisters Guilds should not fight with each other,only this situation would be the most fair, and that’s all on this topic. I think that for Developers it would not be difficult to set :thinking:


How do you prove a sister guild? Some sister guilds have not the same name. Another thing how do you get 30 people in a sister guild to cheat. I have seen 5 people in a top guild leave at one and if not for a starter or sister guild to pull players from they would have to play GW without 30. So you think sister guilds are to cheat when in reality its just not the case…


Mabye we can get Robert Muller to investigate this also lol


all sisters guilds(even if they have different names) is official on this forum and writes in the same one topic that they are be, so you do not have to prove anything. :wink:


How disingenuous not to mention it wasn’t some random anonymous guild that got called out for this. Still trying to spin that history, eh?


That was the first case and happened when there wasn’t a clear rule to forbid collusion.

After that, and after the devs clearly stated that collusion is no more allowed, there have been other evidences of bracket1 guilds proposing collusion.

All evidences have been sent to devs.


I’m well aware of the surrounding circumstances. I’m also glad that all evidence of subsequent collusion has been sent to the devs, because that’s exactly where it should go. They are the only ones who can determine if such evidence is actual proof of collusion or not.


Okay then, we’re sister guilds with Tyrant because I’m tired of fighting them.


Get over it already people. This is the stupidest thing in the world to be worried about.