Guild Wars and sisters guilds


Again, no offense intended, but this is also nonsense.

I am merely stating the fact that the rules EXPLICITLY state that @DonBoba did not break any rules with his suggestion to Black Dragon. You on the other hand are trying to use morality and other subjective arguments to try to make the rules that the devs have written down echo your opinions. You’re essentially making interpretations of the rules that are not correct.

The fact that a number of other posters (perhaps even the vast majority of the members of the forum) agree with you is essentially irrelevant to the fact at hand.

Written rules are the only rules that matter in this case (in any case actually, unwritten rules are usually no more than tradition), and you simply can’t bend the rules to suit your (moral) needs…


My point of view on sister guilds:
Sister Guilds exist in most games that feature a guild system. If the game does not allow it, very often relationships will create offside on other platform.
Prohibiting this sister guild system in the game, will not stop people, even if it is prohibited like cheat, you know very well that people brave the prohibitions, and a penalty will turn into camouflage. It’s even more unhealthy for the game.
Also prohibit or penalize a relationship of friendship … A dictatorship… ?
I suggest more to take advantage of this and create a system in the game that allows to establish relationships between guilds and, taking into account this relationship, avoid encounters between these guilds.
My point of view … Kaya


Are you kidding? I loved every second of it!

I do enjoy the occasional heated discussion, and you helped me get my fix. I do hope that you did not get offended in the process either (though I also have no intention of retracting my points).


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Lol! Me, too. And no, I wasn’t offended either so I think we’re all good. :smiley: :+1:


Are we witnessing a future GW alliance?

… Too soon?


Not too soon just bad joke lol and i know a little something about bad jokes…

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“Guild Wars is all about robbing other people of their reward”

so that’s why everyone in every bracket except for the top 2 get exactly the same reward?

This entire exercise is a sham and it only took 1 week to expose it.


LOL! That made me literally laugh out loud. :smiley:


This and the ensuing bullet points are honestly a strange exercise. All of them mean squat if collusion is allowed. Again, I offer up to you my collusion situation:

The ten top teams all collude to give each other 1 troop defenses. Thus, that week, they all earn the max points possible. None of them move down. All of them earn top rewards. There was no GoW skill involved in winning any of those 900 battles. And no one can disrupt this collusion because they always have the absolute top scores.

Is this still ok? Yes or no. Explain your answer.


Yes. It is still an acceptable tactic per the current rules and per the risk reward system perfectly acceptable to all parties involved if that is how the rewards work.

Your fallacy is asking if this is acceptable when what you wanted to ask was if this was fair.

Now my question is this; If every guild has the same score like you have explained they would. Would every guild get the top reward thus allowing tier 2 to get the rewards under that and continuously trickling down until all possible maximized rewards are passed out?


the fight in lower brackets is not to win the bracket for better rewards this week (they are the same as you said), it’s to advance to a higher bracket for better rewards next week. A guild that does exceptionally good for it’s lower bracket could jump a lot of brackets, 10+ brackets a week is definitely possible, maybe even 30, I don’t know.


Based on how PvP rewards work, no. If two people are tied for 1st, they both get the 1st place rewards but the person after then gets the 3rd place rewards (not second). If Guild Wars follows this established pattern, then it would be as @Sththunder said.


So what is in the spirit of Guild Wars? What was Guild Wars intended to be?


you go up in brackets through trophy count not “winning” GW


I think you might be getting confused with Guild War Tiers/brackets and Guild Tiers/brackets. In Guild Wars, tiers/brackets have nothing to do with trophies.


Thank you for clarifying how rewards work at the top levels.

As someone who has never and will most likely never see those tiers of rewards I’ve been very confused about the massive amount of rage people have been spewing on this thread.

Now that I understand that better I have a question on how the brackets restructure. If everyone has the same score and they are in bracket 1 do they all get listed as 1st place and so never get rotated out?

Because even if everyone has the same score and the bracket doesn’t put everyone in first, the top tier would constantly shift around by pulling up rank 1 guilds from lower tiers. So the theoretical collusion that started this would have to happen in every single guild all the way down and the top 10 would never stay the top 10. On top of that every guild would have to like, or at least tolerate, all the potential guilds they would face of against to keep the collusion agreement going.

Unless the brackets are decided by purely points to which I will say this; Guild Wars is completely broken and designed so that in a few months there will only be a certain set of guilds at the top just like PvP and this entire thread is moot.

Also @ogunther I understand that this should be directed to @Sththunder, but you answered me so I apologize for word puking on you.


Lol first, that made me laugh and no apologies necessary. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if I’m the best one to answer your other questions but I’ll try and hopefully if I get something wrong, someone else will correct me:

The scores for Guild Wars are capped at a max of 6,300 for each player in a war each day.So, in theory, the max score a guild can get is:

  • 6,300 x 6(days) x 30(players) = 1,134,000 points in a week.

The way this score is earned for each player is from a 4x color bonus for starting the match with 4 troops of the daily color and a 4 troop survival bonus for each match (each batch, of the 5 per day, is worth more than the last). I don’t have the math for this part but I know others do.

However, how exactly guilds are promoted/demoted in the Guild Wars Tiers/Brackets is a bit of a mystery as the devs don’t want to reveal that exact formula to players. All we know is that the weekly score is only part of the formula. We suspect things like a guilds total trophy count and possibly Guild Wars scores from other weeks are also part of the formula but nothing is for certain.

Also, going back to player score for a moment, the color bonus is actual comprised of two factors:

  • The number of troops of that color that a player starts with
  • The level of the Guild Statue for that color (this bonus caps out at 50% for statues from level 100 on up)

As such, if two different guilds both fought perfects wars in a week but had different level statues, they would end up with completely different scores (and the higher level guild would have the higher score).

Hopefully that all makes sense and I didn’t make things more confusing than they already were lol.