Guild war defense team TOTALLY GONE?

I setup a guild war defense team, it saved, and I set it as the defense team for every day on the guild wars tab.

Today I’m looking at my troops, and notice the guild wars defense team is totally gone…
I go check my guild wars tab, and it’s pointing to the team that got replaced by the guild wars defense team.

This is where I am totally lost…
How did the team that I DELETED and RENAMED, reappear and overwrite a new team I created in it’s place?

I can see a team not saving, that was a bug.
But this saved, it was there while I setup everything in guild wars.

What’s going on here???

That you see it in the guild wars screen, doesn’t mean it was saved to the server, only locally. If you exit the game without playing a match (or doing anything else that triggers team save to server), then next time you login your newly made team will be gone.


So it’s an insane huge bug… I just kept exiting the game and reopening it this time around, and it looks like it saved.

Doesn’t mean it won’t be gone again tomorrow :wink:

I’d have to agree.

I’ve seen plenty of opponents with single troop GW defense yesterday, and one of our own Champions ended up with an empty defense as well. This clearly should have been on higher priority to fix before guild wars start.

If you enter a battle, it’s guaranteed it’ll be saved. If you don’t enter a battle (any battle, btw), it’s almost guaranteed that it won’t be saved. Not ideal, but it’s an easy fix (enter explore, retreat).

Do you use ashtender’s collection? If you do, you can check there. If your team is correct there, it’s been saved.

Thanks for the work around…
At least we know a way to set it up right now.

Still feel bad for everyone who has no clue this is happening to them…

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This was a known issue mentioned in the 3.0.1 patch notes.

No, see what happens is if @Saltypatra attacks you in PvP and your defense team beats her, she gets mad and deletes your defense team.

No, I’m pretty sure that’s what happens.