Guild Tasks: How To Activate +2 Magic Bonus?

I have the Purple Tasks at level 20 but, the +2 Magic Bonus isn’t activating. At what level do I actually have to have that Purple Tasks at in order for it to activate, or is it something I’m missing and not quite understanding?

You have to complete all the 12 weekly purple tasks

Oooooh, so I have to complete 12 of them before the week ends in order to get the bonus? I see, thanks for that info!

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Yup and when week is done rince and repeat :slight_smile:

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I see. How much gold would I need to complete the 12 Purple Tasks? What’s the level cap on all of the tasks?

To complete all 6 colour tasks you require 16 million gold. About 2.67M gold a piece.


Just a tip for any low/mid-level Guilds attempting to get the ‘Team Synergy’ console Achievement.

Coordinate with your guild mates to hold off donating significant amounts of Gold for 2-3 Weeks. In addition they should not rank their Kingdoms at all during this time. Once you have enough together put it in all during the same week.

If, you don’t have a full roster of 30 post what you are planning as there are always ‘Achievement Hunters’ to join for the duration.