Guild seals at 20000 giving white cards!

Hello ,

I have a issue my guild has at the moment 21000 seals i open 50 chest and
i getting white cards how can that be? It’s should start at green cards or am i wrong ? And other members of the guild have this issue too

Are they Guardian cards? They only show up in Guild Chests and yes they are white cards

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That’s not an issue. The white cards you got are guardians. They have 50% chance to drop from guild chest even at 40k seals or level 6 chest. And they will keep dropping from guild chest until you have them all mythic + 4 extra copies.


Also, a couple of those cards (the yellow and red ones) are very strong, even at level 1, and the red one in particular is worth saving up Arcane Rage Traitstones for his third trait; it might be the strongest single-color trait in the game.


ok didn’t now that thanks for the quick response

Agree with what @Lyya said. They’re strong card even at common rarity. Some even consider them being too over powered.
So if you have time and like to explore, I’d suggest you to farm Arcane Rage for Courage and Arcane Summer for Humility. :slight_smile:

Edit: or Arcane Stoic for Justice. She’s also strong.
Edit 2: Justice gender XD


I think someone already pointed out that they keep dropping regardless of mythic +4, just like all the other cards in the game.

The blue one, as well. Still incredibly strong.

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I believe Justice is a female but yea I know my point is irrelevant to this, and no, I don’t like them Guardians, (King Cheesers, cheesing their way through things) :rage: I do like Sacrifice beacuse when playing against him he just kills his own members HA! :smile:

Yep. Which is I believe that’s bug and should have not happened.

@RiverSong has all guardians at mythic and she said it stop dropping from guild chest once she got 4 extra copies of them all.

Yes, I have all guardians at mythic level, and they do stop dropping once you have 4 of each. However, they will ALL drop until you have four of each one. For example, say you have them all at mythic and you have 10 of each one except Courage, of which you have only three. Any and all of the others will drop until you get that 4th Courage, after which they will all stop dropping.


Screenshot or it didn’t happen:


Did they ever fix the bug where guardians would stop dropping if you had 4+ of all of them at any rarity?