Guild not receiving Guild Wars rewards

Our guild TrueAchevementsElite did not receive GW rewards from last weeks battle. Probalby a new bug due to the weekly event switching change.

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#metoo (I’m a member of this guild). I did not receive weekly rewards or the daily reward (we were winning Sunday’s battle with 10 minutes to go).

At least one member of my guild have the same prob. She received the event keys gift but not the GW rewards as well. She submitted a ticket. You should do the same.

Yup, please submit tickets if you’ve not gotten your guild wars rewards for the week.

@Ozball our guild won orb of chaos but i didin’t know i had to open it right now so i pushed the B button cause i wanted to keep it for later and lost it

You should have still gotten it. Check your inventory and you should see a random orb having gone up by 1.

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Nevermind i restarted game and got it ty

@Ozball any place in the game where we can see what exactly does each orbs?

Ok ty but would be noce to add some description in the game, i will make a feature request thanks