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Guild Management Tool

Guild Manager 1.1

This Tool is created for all the Guild Master in here - no matter if your Guild is on PC, Mobile or Console!

It is an executable *.jar File created in Java - so all you need is Java installed on your PC.

The Tool gives you the possibility to keep track on the weekly Gold donations, earned Trophies and increased Levels of all Members in your Guild.


  • User Guide as manual for the Tool
  • create, edit and delete Guild Members
  • Members will be auto-sorted like in Game
  • choose from all available Guild Rank Themes
  • save weekly efforts for all Members
  • detailed Member page with individual informations and notes
  • Line Charts with the last 10 saved values of Gold, Trophies and Levels for each Member

Coming Soon:

  • Charts for total Gold and Trophies of all Guild Members to compare the total values for the Guild week by week


Please give Feedback if u wish some additional Features…


Guild Manager (on my GoogleDrive)

Have Fun! :wink:




@DemonicDraco, if you need this :slight_smile:

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That’s a seriously useful application. I hope a lot of guilds start to use it. It will be much faster than spreadsheets.

but i recognized i have to change the calculation system…

actual when u enter the weekly stats - you have to enter the values that are shown in the “weekly” section. now i recognised -> what happens if AFTER the tracking someone spends gold again or earn trophies - this amount will be lost after new week starts and the values ingame and in my tool are not same…

so now i quickly change it, that u enter the new overall value AFTER a new week has begun - so the difference between old and new value will be saved as weekly effort! so @ all who have downloaded this tool yet - please dont enter weekly stats now, i change it at this moment.

you can create all members with actual overall values for gold and trophies - but dont start to enter the weekly stats yet, that will cause problems after my hotfix :wink:

EDIT: now i am confused - the total values ingame have already changed slightly.
so my theory that the overall amounts will stay until the end of week is false. it seems, like this amount is updated more then only once a week. so a change of my calculation system would make no sense too. the only option for guild masters in the moment, is to track the stats as late as possible before the new week starts^^

the shown values will differ from ingame and are just nearly the same, but not 100%

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I wish that when i click on ontime that it sorted the guild mates based on when they last logged in, among all other ease of use sorting features.

Lots of effort went into this, @MrSnake Thanks for he hard work for our guild :slight_smile:

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Last Login is a value only available ingame.
I can only create features with data that you have to enter by hand.

That is ok, one day i hope there will be 3rd party software that can read the files and give you data on certain parts of the game.

this will never happen…

  1. you need access to the game servers where the user stats are hosted
  2. you have to know WHERE (file) WHAT values are stored

so this is just impossible for a 3rd party tool :wink:

Not necessarily. with swen gweba we know it is possible however i do not need it to manipulate trophies, i just need it to auto sort my stuff for guild management which i hope comes in the 2.1 update or the 2.2 update.

Why in the world would the devs give a player approved access to their game servers for any reason?? Not going to happen.

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Swen gwiba was to my knowledge not given access to the servers by a dev either, I am hoping 2.1 or 2.2 fix guilds for what i want.

Of course, they weren’t. It’s called hacking.

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Yes but i do not need the hack for trophies, just a monitoring device for my guild to alert me when a guild mate has not logged in for x-amount of time, or not donated in x-amount of time.

you will never get a tool that has such features - just realistic^^

i (and the other developers in here) can only provide tool that can be used with local stored data - no one uf us will be able to get access on stats like “Member X last logged in Y Days ago”…

i do my best to provide a tool that helps to get an overview on members donations and earned trophies to pick the lazy guys out that just surf on the guild wave week by week - i work hard to make my tool reliable. at least (i think) i found a new way how to work around the problem with numbers shown ingame^^


just finished reworking the calculation system of my tool!!!
i also added some small new features^^

now i need some additional voluntary tester for this new version to check everything works as expected…

i want to make sure my tool is ready to use until next monday (with the new event)…

so if you are interested in testing - PM me and i provide you a DL to the unreleased testversion!

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Woo new version sometime soon… Look forward to it, it’s got a bunch of cool stuff in it :smiley:

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He was right - the version 1.1 is ready^^

New Features:

  • User Guide
  • Line Charts for Levels
  • Guild Settings for minimum values of Gold and Trophies

i suggest you read the user guide - create some fake members first to play around a little bit and after you have seen and tested everything delete the “guild.json” that was created by the tool to start over with your guild members.

all features are tested - but i am not perfect^^
so if you find any Bugs or have questions - post it here :wink:

Have Fun with it :sunglasses:


I’m loving this so far. :slight_smile: Thank you @MrSnake! It’s what I was trying to do on paper…so much easier.

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Hello @MrSnake. I was wondering if we would be able to get an update to your awesome guild manager with a seal tab?