Guild Guardians - if i ascend first 6, did they stop droppning? Or i need all 12?

I played before new guardians was released, so i have more copies of first 6 guardians. If i ascend them (all 6 to mythx4 copies), only new guardians will drop? And vice versa, if i use orbs on new guardians and have them mythx4 each, only old guardians will drop? Or i need all 12 guardians to be maxed out? (which is unfair, if for example i was 50 copies away from max, and new guardians was released, i end up with ~150x6 old guardians copies that i did not need at all).

So do i need all 12 guardians to be mythx4? Or first 6 and new 6 guardians are considered independently?

The system has changed (for the better)!

So each Guardian that you ascend to Mythic with 4 copies will stop dropping from Guild Chests. I hope that makes sense.

Let us know if that’s not clear!


So i can ascend them (to mythx4) one by one? Thats Great! Thank you for answer.

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That’s correct – yeah it is :slightly_smiling_face: Np.