Guild Contracts?

Hi everyone I’ve seen on ps4 that alot of ppl are complaining about larger higher-up guilds poaching members. Well I may have a solution with “Guild contracts” The leader of guild draws up contracts with stuff they need done players choose contracts to complete.I.E. Join the guild once task is complete player can freely leave or accept another contract. And during a contract only guild leader can let someone go without completed contract. Opinions improvements on Idea welcome just no trolling please thank you for viewing and spread the word.

Ok imagine i join your guild and sign the contract and do nothing, now you are stuck with a death weight

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No leader can kick. Also a reward should be offered based on time it took to complete contract

Y’all do remember this is a video game right?


Yes and alot of ps4 players are already guild jumping example create 5 accounts on gems four have guilds main jumps around passing from guild to guild completeing task netting more rewards only doing first 3 task in each guild it’s a exsploit. Sorry off topic yes it’s a game , but a fun one and just trying to find a solution to member poaching by higher-up guilds

Players who want to leave guilds for legitimate reasons would be stuck, and GoWs would lose a large number of players.


That is a Valid point, however my Idea is aimed to target those who will not sit still in one guild. and to solve problem complete contract or wait for it to exspire 1 week most likely kicked b4 then if not playing

Only thing it does is hurt the rest of the guild… If inwant out of my contract i will sit idle until it expires or i get kicked… Either way the guild benefits from putting someone it that spot who wants to be there

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You are treating the symptom not the disease. We need to stop poaching. That solves the problem

If I had the gold to waste by doing that, I would be far better served joining one of the top guilds and just staying there. The rewards would be far greater than simply joining a guild, buying the mins, and then moving on.

Plus someone guild hopping like that doesn’t need 5 other accounts. There are plenty out there to jump around like that. Plus don’t forget, everyone else in those guilds benefit too for the freebie.

I’d be seriously hard pressed to call this an “exploit”

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A simple and effective way to stop poaching, since you can not talk to people in GoW without it. Is unlink PSN profiles from the player cards. This way you can not contact that player over PSN unless they specifically give you their PSN details. I do play many multiplayer games with guilds. And GoW is the only one where poaching is a disease assisted by seeing ones PSN details, and contacting them through it. Though given how quickly GoW addresses issues ie even the length of time it took them to address the queen mab cycle team issue. Which is still in the works currently so they say. Any fix of this nature will see another year or never. Even though it is a serious issue that should see some attention.


Poaching? Or free will on the part of the player who chooses to leave? No one is obligated to stay in a guild any longer than they want to.


Contracts seem a needless idea, sorry. Gonna annoy people without addressing the poaching ‘problem’ that many here moan about. Also a heavy admin burden on GLs and complexity for revs to code without adding anything interesting or monetisation to the game.

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you have to realize that if they leave immediately once they were approached, maybe they are waiting for the invitation.

the illegal practice of trespassing on another’s property to hunt or steal game without the landowner’s permission.
any encroachment on another’s property, rights, ideas, or the like.

I think it’s illegal to poach humans, so there’s no need of a contract.

I dont think you guys understand

Imagine one of the other top 10 guilds was constantly sending “secret” messages to most of the members of your guild. Then add to that the smaller player base and you have yourself a perfect storm that results in anger and possibly people quitting outright.

So you may think its free will or console players “moaning” but it is a real problem


Why not slavery? Let guild masters buy and sell members lol


The only issue here is not the poaching, it’s making people quit their guild without having any intention of recruiting them. That’s what seems to be happening when recruiters send messages to players that they know they can’t even keep up with the minimum requirements.

Yes, we need slavery because we don’t like that people may want to leave a guild because of a difference regarding guild goals and reqs!

Patch 4.0 - digital slavery!


Not a good idea! If you are having trouble with loyalty then invite people you know!