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Guild Bonuses

Hi, I was going to make this more detailed but actually I am just going to make a short and simple question.

If guild has all the guardians at max level (200) does this make guild task bonuses permanent?


Bonuses for completing tasks last 7 days for all guilds, no matter what guild guardian levels they have.

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And by 7 days, you mean 168h from completion?

Monday reset does not reset the countdown?

If we complete X task on wednesday, it will reset at next wednesday, correct?

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Correct. (10 chars)

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Wouldn’t all task bonuses reset on Monday, hence the reason why completing all tasks on a Monday gives more benefit for the week ahead?

I believe the reason top guilds complete all tasks on monday is so that they get all the stats running from same time. You know, they get all the boosts right away so they don’t have to keep an eye on when they expire etc. If they keep that cycle, they will always be loaded with max stats.

The task itself resets every Monday, so I’m struggling to understand how the bonus achieved from completing the task wouldn’t reset at the same time.

Yes, I can understand that. But as stated above, the task runs 7 FULL days from completion (168 next hours).

Whenever you complete a task, it adds 7 days to the duration of the task completion bonus. So if you’re starting with no bonus, that means you get 7 days. If you start with 3 days, adding 7 means you now have the bonus for 10 days. So it’s not saved as a boolean (bonus yes or no), but an expiration time.

As per the official game guides :slight_smile:

Ok now I kinda lost, so trying this with example.

If we did complete say, epic blue task on sunday 7th, and then complete that same epic task next week on wednesday 10th, the timer doesn’t reset back to 7 days on wednesday but it actually counts that last completion until sunday 14th and then it is also active until the next following wednesday 17th? Correct?

Well now that I wrote that, the simpliest thing is just to say bonus becomes active for the next 7 days no matter when you do that. Right? :grin:

Wait no… does the new completion activate right after the old has expired? Like I said I got lost…

Incorrect :slight_smile:

In your example, when you complete the task on Sunday, your bonus is active until the 17th (7 days from the 10th). Then, when you complete the task again on Wednesday, your bonus gets +7 days to the expiration, so 17th + 7 days = active until the 24th. So in total, completing the task 2 times gives you 2 x 7 = 14 days of bonus.

The idea here is, it doesn’t matter when you complete the task, you always get the bonus for the same amount of time.

The way the game does it, I don’t think it’s correct to say “the new completion activates right after the old has expired” - it doesn’t activate anything again, it just doesn’t expire it in the first place. But if it helps you to think of it that way, then yes, you could say that :smiley:


PS: The task UI on the guild menu is buggy and doesn’t always show the bonus is active. Don’t let it trick you.

If you pick a team in your troops menu and check the “Bonuses” for it, you will see the correct stat bonuses from tasks.

Thought this was a great explanation, just going to add another example:
February is a nice month since the 1st was a Monday, i.e. reset. (Assuming new guild, so no active bonuses)

Completing Epic Blue on Monday the 1st will give you until 1st + 7 = Monday 8th. In other words, you’ll have to keep completing it every Monday to keep that bonus active.

And just to follow @mitamata (attempting to explain what I understood so please correct me if I made a mistake):
If your guild finished Epic Blue on Sunday (Jan 31st), bonus should be active until the following Sunday (7th). If you then complete Epic Blue on Monday, Feb 1st (i.e. one right after the other), the bonus will be active until the Sunday, Feb 14th (7th + 7).

This case is interesting because you’ll notice that in the first example, the task completed on Monday will expire the following Monday. However, in the second example, the task will expire on Sunday instead (13 days after 2nd completion). What this means is that the guild doesn’t have to worry about completing Epic Blue again until Saturday 13th.

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