Guild anounces 3.1


Hello everyone, especially the developers. Just noticed that with the update 3.1 the length of guild anounces was cutted to only 40 characters. Which is very small. Maybe this point should be reconsidered? Thank you for attention.


Had the same issue this morning when I raised the requirement.

I can barely even fit the abridged version of the requirements for the guild.


This was a balance change, to compensate for the 4x speed increase. Players are now typing much faster, so the number of letters in the guild announcement had to be decreased and partially converted to colors.

Seriously though, it’s been like that on PC since patch 3.0.5. Since the dev feedback is rather lacking, it’s probably around to stay.


They are nerfing the texts too…


You are hilarious.


This made me literally lol!!



This has been documented with the Unity Port thread