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Guide - Unbeatable team at level 500, no mystics (Delves, PvP and everything else)

Hi guys,

I’ve ben playing this game for about 3 weeks I think and wanted to share my one team that facerolls against everything in the game at highest levels including lvl 200 delves. Not fully traited nor any mystic level:

Class - Titan, maxed out (Impact, Counteratack, Stone Circle, Storm Aura, Rock Solid, Lightnign Strike, Fortitude)

Banner - Slayer Banner (Dhrak-Zum)
Pet - none that matters

Mountain Crusher - lvl 9
Keeper of Souls - lvl 19, 1 trait
The Maraji Queen (or Moira CraigHeart lvl 18) - lvl 19, 3 traits
Glaycion - lvl 19, 3 traits

The strategy vs high level content is to never get the opponent to one-shot your troops. With this set up (unless extremely unlucky with gems) you will have perma barrier on your tank and perma full mana on all troops as long as you make sure to match at least 4 gems on any gems conversion action.

Worst case, if no combinations are available, use Mountain Crusher until you can restart the loop.

My team is a bit above 8k strength and I normally demolish any pvp opponent unless perma entangled.

Let me know your thoughts.

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Wrath for Glaycion would probably help you more. It’s not Mana-blocked, and enrages your allies. Also puts brown on the board to fill all the teammates who use it.

I’d also suggest playing with Monk—you’ll never be Entangled again if you can just cleanse yourself on 4 matches :+1:


Also note that you don’t have to have a Pet equipped to enjoy its bonuses! They all apply automatically, if applicable, for whichever team you’re using.


Interesting, but why would I exchange a Doomskull character for normal skull one? Thank you for the tip on Monk.Looks cool

Speed, is the short answer.

As I explained above, Wrath uses a mana color that isn’t currently blocked by your teammates. Furthermore, he makes the blue on the board brown to fuel your Keeper so that you can maintain board control by spamming skull conversions of any color.

Being two mana cost less is also nice, and inflicting burn is good for barrier-popping so that your skull hits can actually land.

But the real benefit is being Enraged—you’ll do a lot more damage per hit, especially against troops that have pesky traits that reduce skull damage (like Stonehammer—being enraged means you ignore opponents’ traits and get a 50% damage boost).

It really comes down to personal preference, in the end, though :man_shrugging:

I just know I always used to get frustrated when my Glaycion didn’t have alignment after filling her to the brim with 20 mana :joy:


Thanks, now it makes sense. Haven’t got Wrath yet though. Leveling Monk now. Currently level 12 and I notice that brown gems are quite scarce right now.

I changed around some Titan talents - Impact, Counter, Stone Circle, Storm Aura, Rock Solid, Bloodthursty, Fortitude.

Did quite a few runs as Monk as well but feel that Titan is faster now that I got Enrage prety much al the time. My monk is very squishy ofc only being level 20 but I think I’ll level monk for PvP for sure

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It takes a long time to level even just the useful classes (Titan, Sentinel, Plaguelord, Frostmage, Tidecaller, Thief, Monk, arguably a couple others like Orbweaver / Stormcaller / Bard / Sunspear), so I recommended Monk mostly for that reason—any time spent playing with a Level 100 class is “wasted” time and class experience potential, unfortunately.

People have proposed having a “point pool” that level 100 experience would be dropped into, to be spent on other classes, but devs don’t seem interested even though the idea seems neat to me, even if the conversion rate were something ridiculous like 1:3, 1:5, or even 1:10

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Yeah only got Titan maxed out and it took forever. I wonder though, since I can clear all of the content in the game aside from most delves (can only clear 3 delves as they are color appropriate for the team above), what would be the reason to level other classes? Guild events?

Mostly Guild Events, yeah, particularly Guild Wars.

Only top guilds get anything good from Wars—but if ever you want to be in said guilds, having the necessary toolkit is essential to maintaining your sanity and competitive edge.

EDIT: Also Power Stars for your kingdoms, and 250 wins with each class unlocks a weapon, so there’s that bare-minimum investment involved to get some of the game’s best weapons.

Yeah figures. I’m a casual player in a sucky guild and I looked at the class weapons but none of them seems to measure up to Mountain Crusher (especially since I run 2 brown troops) with Mang as runner up.

Doing lvl 200+ content where I can get one-shot by a skull hit, I’m not sure how other weapons would help me. Anything in particular to look at?

Whenever it is available in the soulforge, get Rope Dart. Possibly the best weapon, the game has to offer. Sadly an event weapon (I think, it was raid), so there’s no chance to get it for gems again.

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If you’re dying a lot to scaling content, can’t beat Shield of Urskaya for turning that around: it gives you armor proportional to all enemy attack, so you can end up giving yourself hundreds all at once.

People often pair this with Rowanne and/or Tesla for this reason. You can get it by winning 250 battles with Sentinel :+1:

If you’re unhappy with your current guild and want one that has more participation (and if you play on Xbox!), feel free to check out The Unforgiven III! They’ve got spots open at the moment, I think, and I’ll make an exception to the minimum level requirement for a player who seems clearly interested in the game and account progress—let me know, if you’ve any interest :smile:


Thank you Magnus! Great Intel. I will definitely explore that.

I don’t die on high end content as my hero has permanent barrier and once I start the loop with Mountain Crusher (normally after pairing first 3 browns) the enemy team barely gets a shot. Of course this only works where there are no restrictions in troops.

I play on my Android phone (OnePlus 7 Pro) and on my Windows 10 PC. I reckon the servers are different for console players?

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I don’t know, if this is just me, but, no matter how small the odds are, you’ll never forget, when your assassin hero kills an entire enemy team with a single skull match. Getting to see this just once more than makes up for bringing this class to level 100. :slight_smile:

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Oh? Tell me more! And are we talking hi end content or PvP?

Anything that is not immune to instant kill (so all except for raid bosses, towers and non-PVP dooms).
Though as I said, the chances are really small. Your third assassin trait gives you a 10% chance to kill the last enemy of a team when doing skull damage, while Rising Shadows, one of the level 100 talents, has a 7% chance to kill the last enemy whenever an enemy dies. Of course, a kill through Rising Shadows has a 7% chance to make it strike right again.

That means, there is a chance of one in 30 millions, that you get the chain Assassinate -> Rising Shadows -> Rising Shadows -> Rising Shadows from one single skull match.
(Though to be fair, even getting three or two instant kills in one turn is memorable and way more likely)

@Jerog you’re right! Archer and Assassin probably should have been mentioned somewhere in that post. Insta-kill is pretty strong, when it happens.

You can up the odds of the team-wipe happening if you slap a Megavore or two on the team, too, amber — and I agree with Jerog: it is wicked fun :smiling_imp: :joy:

Admittedly, my Assassin isn’t maxed yet. But my Thief and Orbweaver are, and they have Rising Shadows, so. It’s close-ish.

@amberside yeah, cross-play isn’t a thing (yet—maybe ever), so we can’t play together, unfortunately. But I’m happy to help anyone on the forums who wants it, generally, so feel free to tag me anytime you want either an opinion of mine or my general sense of what the community’s opinion is (based on my years of reading the forum / playing the game) :+1:

I totally endorse the boosting of bard and sunspear. Rock solid classes are superb but you have the luxury of maxing just one before moving to a class that powers another mana colour. Spear and bard are the best choices in this regard. Both make brutal teams that rock solid teams don’t have as much flexibility with.