Guide to Troop Name Slang

Aby/Abby: Abynissia

Alch: Alchemist

BD: Bone Dragon

Brian: Brian the Lucky

Bun/Bunni: Bunni’Nog


Bat/CB: Crimson Bat

Cathy: Cthryzyx

Drak/Draak: Draakulis

Dracos: DRACOS 1337

EK/Khorvash/Khorv: Emperor Khorvash

FG/Mini-Groot: Forest Guardian

Gard/GA: Gard’s Avatar

Spider/GS: Giant Spider

Emo-tree: Gloom Leaf (Flavor text: Emo-tree is not amused)

Rocket: Goblin Rocket

Gorg/Gorgo//Gotha: Gorgotha

Hob: Hobgoblin

IK: Infernal King

Jarl: Jarl Firemantle

KoS: Keeper of Souls

Coro/Coronet/KC: Knight Coronet

Kruarg: Kruarg the Dread (Probably named for the sound it makes)

Nax/Krys/Shiny: Krystenax

Ana/Anariel/Lady A:

Sirrian: Luther (I occasionally mix them up)

Manti: Manticore

Mercy: This isn’t short for anything.

Morthani: Either Morthani’s Will or Morthani’s Scythe

Pharos: Pharos-ra

Elspeth: Princess Elspeth
Also might be

Mab: Queen Mab

Ysa: Queen Ysabelle

SD: Shadow Dragon

Sooth: Soothsayer

Sylv/Salad Dragon: Sylvanimora

TDS/DS: The Dragon Soul

Maw: The Great Maw

Valk: Valkyrie

Wulf: Wulfgarok

Converter: Any troop that changes one gem type to another.

Primary converters are troops that transform any color to a specific gem type. There is one for each color, and then one to convert any color to skulls. Because of the ability to convert any color to a color of your choice, these troops are considered some of the strongest in the game for their ability to foster synergies and provide entire teams with mana, often without even passing the turn to your opponent.

Primary Converters:
Alchemist: Yellow
Apothercary: Brown
Giant Spider: Purple
Green Seer:Green
Hellcat: Red
Valkyrie: Blue
Keeper of Souls: Skulls

Finley is an odd case here, sitting between primary and secondary converters as he converts a set gem type (Skulls) to any color, so he gets a special mention.

Secondary converters are a bit more niche and change a set gem type to another set gem type, such as changing all blue gems to purple or so on.

Secondary converters:

Anointed One: Green -> Red
Banshee: Blue -> Red
Bastite Priestess: Green -> Purple, Yellow -> Skulls
Deck Hand: Purple -> Blue
Drake Rider: Yellow -> Red
Forest Guardian: Purple -> Skulls, Green -> Brown
Green Slime: Green -> Purple
Infernal King: Green -> Skulls, Brown -> Red
Mercy: Purple -> Yellow
Naga Queen: Brown -> Red
Pharos-ra: Yellow -> Purple
Shadow Dragon: Yellow -> Purple
Sheggra: Red -> Skulls
Sunsail: Yellow -> Brown
Sylvasi: Blue -> Purple
Templar: Red -> Green
Villager: Yellow -> Brown
Werewolf: Purple -> Blue
Winged Bison: Purple -> Red


Salad Dragon? :smiley: (though you might still be getting there)


I have silly ones because of the pictures

Forest Guardian- Baby Groot :stuck_out_tongue: (at least that is what I am calling it)

Bunni’Nog -bunbun

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I’m also thinking of adding things like “Chomper/Muncher/Cruncher” and “Transformer/Converter”

What do you guys think?


Don’t forget about Mini Groot (Forest Guardian) and Rainbow Snake (Couatl).


This is cool. What inspired you to do this? :sunglasses::+1:

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Various people asking what various things meant in global chat. TDS specifically, this time.

I have never once heard him called Mini-Groot, but this is the second time it has been suggested, so it must be a thing.

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I am Groot.


Since you cover converters, you could also mention exploders vs removers?

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We definitely shorten Krystenax to ‘nax’ also, and Gorgotha = Gorg (which I realize can be confused with Gorgon but who uses Gorgon anyway lol).

I’ll come back with more…

I so love Groot. I want a baby groot bobble doll.

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Forest Guardian is also a secondary converter, Green -> Brown and Purple -> Skulls

I thought I put that in there, my bad

Converters are far more relevant to strategy building, and there are various different ones that do vastly different things. Exploding gems does effectively the same thing no matter who does it, and the remove vs destroy thing is something I think Krudler covered in one of his “100 things” videos anyway. It would be a lot more difficult to make a video about troop nicknames and a list of converters, and a lot more boring to watch one. Which is why there is a list now.

I might, however, cover the difference in terms. I’m not going to list troops, especially when I could just say “Use Gorgotha or The Dragon Soul and you’re set”. I will think about this though.

Nax is also short for Naxxramus, home of spiders, poison and other things that Webspinner would like. Adding this though.

Groot: Ogunther
Mini-Groot: Forest Guardian

Big difference. The former is only a usable troop by one person in the game, and the other is widely available :stuck_out_tongue:


I normally don’t use SD for Shadow Dragon. His viability comes in all dragon teams so there I refer to him as Shadow. And most likely it’s only me, but I have a habit of referring to Krys as Shiny, due to his flavor text

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Can’t forget Atlanta = ATL = Hotlanta

Great Thread! Thanks for putting this together!
Now we just need somebody to put together a list for all the forum/internet slang that newbies need help with
like tl;dr , imho, RNG, proc, etc. :wink:


Fun fact, most people misuse the term “proc”. It’s short for “Programmed Random Occurrence”. Archer’s Bullseye? Proc. Mab’s Freeze? That’s triggered, and not a proc.

Now you can leave this thread just a bit more well informed, and tell your friends something that they might not have known!

Also, there’s probably a list like that somewhere on the internet. I know the FBI has one for whatever reason. Or they did at one point.

Shadow Hunter and Shadow Blade could also be called Shadow. Will add Shiny to the list though

Atlanta is short enough to not need a nickname. Only reason I added Mercy was because I have legitimately been asked what Mercy was short for in global chat. Same with Mab and Dracos, actually.

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I just noticed but several of the people refer TDS as Soul Dragon or SD. Irritates the heck out of me


Oh god. That’s intolerable.

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