Guide to Troop Name Slang

please add “Gorgo” and “DS” since thats what i always use
(never even heard of gotha, also in my linguage “the” doesnt exist so i treat it as a totally useless addition, apparently the same as many other ppl)

Did I not add DS for Dragon Soul? How the hell could I have missed that? I must be going blind.

Also, for the sake of curiosity, what language? Not having the word “the” is a rather unique (and understandable) quirk, and linguistics have always interested me.

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Not that unique outside Indo-European languages:

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Polish :slight_smile:

i suspect all slavonic languages dont have it?

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Necro slash a new troop name. Kerberos = Kirby. Albeit a more evil version of Kirby :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Oh is THAT who it’s referring to… I was getting confused :confused: None of the troops I could think of were round and pink…


Again necro. New troop nickname, Queen Aurora as QA or the Rainbow Pony