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Guardian of the Sands

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/guardian-of-the-sands/
It’s double trouble in Khetar!

New Troop: Anubite Warrior

Khetar, long before it crumbled, was home to many cults. Two of the most powerful cults, the Anubites and the Settites, were always at war. The Anubites were a death cult, based around the worship of dead ancestors, and their wizards and priests summoned large jackal-like creatures to guard their tombs. They named these creatures Anubite Warriors, and they still roam the sands of Khetar today, protecting the many burial places.

New Troop: Settite Warrior

The Settites, on the other hand, worshipped nature in its many guises, in particular the gods of the rivers that brought life to the Kingdom of Khetar. Their wizards and priests summoned large crocodilian monsters to guard their temples - the Settite Warriors - and even though the rivers have long dried up, those creatures still roam Khetar today.

It was the war between the Anubites and the Settites that eventually brought Khetar to its end. The Anubites destroyed the Settites’ Rivers, plunging the kingdom into chaos. And the Settites broke open the Anubites’ Tombs, unleashing a horde of Undead upon the world.

Balance Changes War * Mana Cost reduced from 25 to 24


  • Trait buff: Aspect of Famine’s random skill point debuff increased from 2 to 3.
  • Mana Cost reduced from 25 to 20
  • Damage boost from Mana Drain increased from x1 to x2

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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WOW! That Famine Buff.

Also, @Sirrian:


Famine gonna be nasty now! The one time I’ve faced him fully traited he was already pretty effective and his spell hit pretty hard.

Hmm Maw or Famine. Who to spend the arcanes on…

Maw :stuck_out_tongue:

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But Maw is boring. Famine is fun. Besides do we need yet another Maw team out there?


Since i don’t have Famine i’ll just collect a few extra Arcanes for it after i fully trait Maw and Gorgotha.

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Damn you Ultra Rares! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Don’t think I have enough glory (15,600~) to trait Gorgortha, Great Maw and Famine this week.

Looks like I’ll wait on Famine, but good to see a damage increase. Will help earlier in battles and also when the enemy numbers are reduced later on.

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I’m actually glad that I finally got Famine in a drop now. :smile_cat:

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:newspaper: Bury yourself in the sands of time, by reading the Weekly Feedback Report! :gem::desert::gem:

This weeks troops are like Dr. Jackal and Scaly Hyde.

The Anubites would build useless construct walls to keep enemies away from their homeland. Like the Trump’s of the desert. They also build defenses for their allies by removing all the weapons on the board, getting kinda topical, aren’t we?

These hound-headed warriors will feed off the deaths of their foes, and are better suited to protecting than attacking.

While on the other hand Settites build walls to crash them down upon intruders. Not afraid to get their hands dirty, the protective lizards are master trap-setters as well as settlers.

Should one of these nasty reptiles decide to invade your home, town, or kingdom, they’ll be quite difficult to stop.

That’s not all though! As the time draws every nearer, armageddon grows ever stronger!

While War only takes 1 less mana to charge, making him tied with a certain sand worm.
Famine has been greatly boosted in power! Requiring 5 less mana to fire, can deplete 3 from a random skill per turn, and now deals almost twice as much spell damage as previously! The hunger strike is on!

Looking to trait that Abhorath, Psion or Queen Mab? Ranked PVP has got what you’re looking for this week! The top 1,000 players at the end of the week will earn an Arcane Spirit Traitstone!

But if you’re not a fan of the competitive scene, you’ve got two consolation prizes this week! The Arcane Mountain and Arcane Forest hitting the reward chests this week! Everyone knows about Gorgotha and The Great Maw, but have you considered Gob-Chomper? Strong recommendation to pick up enough for that Soothsayer and Archon Statue you got laying around too.

If you’re looking cheaper for the Mountains, Dust Devil and Rakshanin are good alternatives. But if you’re wanting something expensive, Famine ain’t gonna feed himself traits!

:newspaper2: It’s no mirage, the Patched Feedback Report (2.0) has finally appeared! :sparkle::island::sparkle:

Match you next time!


2000+ keys later and still no Famine…
About a quarter of those were VIP keys too :cry:


Trait them both! :slight_smile:

Only have enough glory for 1

Settite warrior going to be awesome in a rowanne deck…


Damn. I’ve already been using Famine effectively as-is. This is a huge boost. Woo!

(This seems like it might be an overcorrection, but time will tell…)


So I don’t get the Anubis and Set dynamic.

The Anubites are fairly accurate but the Settites are way off. Set is not the god of nature or rivers, but of chaos, war, the desert and storms. Additionally, he had little to no conflict with Anubis. Set’s rival was Osiris, and then Osiris’ son, Horus.

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They probably exist as cults in a fantasy setting that have some basic similarity to actual things, but aren’t meant to be wholly accurate but flavorful towards the setting they exist in.


supposed to be sobek^^ :sunglasses:

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True, but Set was associated with Crocodiles as well

“Set was the black boar who swallowed the moon each month, obscuring its light. He was also identified with the hippopotamus, crocodiles, scorpions, turtles, pigs and donkeys - all animals which were considered to be unclean or dangerous.” - http://www.ancientegyptonline.co.uk/set.html

With that obligatory image out of my system… Good grief Famine looks strong now. I thought the costs would remain the same throughout the horsemen cycle, guess not.