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Gradual Lag vs Starting Prompt

Any chance 4.0 will remove the gradual lag from the game so that I don’t have to restart it every 30 matches or so? If not, can you please just remove the “Press A to start” prompt when opening the game, and just load into the actual game so that I can restart it when I go to the bathroom or get a beer, and have it ready when I get back?

Having that “select profile” press A screen just doubles the annoyance, particularly when the smaller percentage of users that need it can do it from the in game menu.

Sorry should have included this, any way to add an option to use triggers instead of bumpers to cast (at least on xbox one). It’s not your fault, but Xbox controllers are pretty much garbage across the board and the bumpers have no lifespan when used frequently.

This game kills the controller’s left bumper like you wouldn’t believe. It’s not just that it’s uncomfortable to use, it’s that it actually breaks the controller using the bumper that much.


I like the second one, because I’m missing the LB button (don’t ask how) and I’m too cheap to buy another controller. As for the first one, it’s not a good idea as that console could have multiple people who play the game. Adding this feature would add unnecessary hassle for multiple players on the same console, because they would have to exit the game, switch, and launch the game, which would take longer than just pushing a twice.

Yeah, and when you push that button you go back to the login screen, it opens the prompt and you still have to use the prompt anyways.

You can easily switch your xbox profile before you launch the game, and could easily be implemented as an option.

2 controllers already binned because of the left bumper problem, 3rd one will be gone in a couple of months.

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The problem with that is EVERY time someone wants to switch immediately after you’re done playing, they would have to exit the game, switch and boot up the game just to play on their profile. With how it is right now, you don’t have leave the game to sign in.

Changing the profile from the menu would still take you to the choose profile screen.

But skipping it on startup can be implemented as an option. A simple checkbox that skips profile selection screen on startup so if you wanted to have to select your profile every time you still could.

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With you wanting it to be an option instead of being outright removed, I’m fine with it. When it’s only one person who plays the game on the xbox, check the box. Otherwise, leave it unchecked for easier profile switching.:+1:

Hey there, please check out this post for more information the lag: