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GoWDB: Public Hero Profile

Hello everyone,

As a temporary workaround to the lack of hero level information available in public profiles due to the 4.2 changes, I’ve created a site that you can use to look up a hero. This could be useful to guild leaders who are looking to ensure new recruits meet minimum level requirements.

PC/Mobile: http://gowdb.com/heroes
Xbox: http://gowdb.com/xbox/heroes
PS4: http://gowdb.com/ps/heroes

Put the invite code in there and you’ll see the hero avatar and level of the player. I could add more interesting things in here too (as long as it’s generally-agreed upon to be public information) if desired by the community.

Hope this helps,



tried it for 2 my low level accounts that were never linked to the website (because I use it for my main account) and it worked for me.
Thanks, nice addition!

Where is the API documentation?