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@Ragereaver, ok I fixed it!


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Just noticed the world map has Darkstone with armor still. I can’t remember who made it originally but a newer one should be in there. Its listed with magic further down, just the one big image is off.


So I’m busier than expected this week. I will try to get to this tomorrow, or at latest this weekend.


here is an updated map with the correct Darkstone bonus:


I noticed an error. Should I report it here, @MrSammy ? Will do anyway. :slightly_smiling:

The traitstones requirement for Treant are wrong. It says for the second trait 20 x Minor Water, but I believe it should be 20 x Minor Nature. At least that’s what my troops screen wants for unlocking the second trait. :wink:

Can’t check of course if the other two are correct, and whether all the other troops are right.


It seems many troops have their color order wrong in the wiki. i.e. a red-green troop that need green minors may be incorrectly stated to need red ones. I checked a few, about half of them were wrong.


Arena and TH pages added!


Thanks Venan!
Do you want to update it in the WIKI?


Do you think you can change it? Or you wan tme to do it?


I used the first color in the Troop info, in this web page… That all I had…
Do you think you could change a few?


THAT IS AWESOME! Thanks @Archenassa!

Here are the links:


And it just keeps getting better. :slight_smile: Have definitely book marked.


Added Armor page - although I don’t know about the console added armors, so if anyone can add them it’d be cool! :slight_smile:


Added Mana Mastery page - am I supposed to post to say what I have added or not? I don’t know if it’s necessary but in doubt…


As an admin, I can see what you added/updated/deleted, but it’s good to add here so people know about it.

Thanks @Archenassa


I’d love to do it… if I had the time. I won’t get to it before the end of next week, and apparently there are more that need to be adjusted. Hopefully in the near future I can contribute to your great wiki.


I’ll probably recreate all the troops today.
I’ve found a better source of data.
I’ll take the opportunity to do some more tweaking.

Anything else I should fix in the


Can we have the stats tables in the same order as listed in game? Attack, Armor, Magic, Life rather than the different way from the Troops List?


What order in the game?

Here’s the logic I used for the order:
I’ve put the two “defence” element together and the two “attack” ones together.

It could be argued that I should use the order in the troop list…