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@mattlistener - a slightly outdated (missing gob chomper & wild fang) of what you’re looking for is here…

And, well done @MrSammy


Very nicely put together @MrSammy. Thanks for all the hard work. Definate gems from the devs in your future I would think. You deserve them.

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I’ve added a Bonus Summary Table to the Kingdoms page based on my forum guide.

While I love @KAYA43V3R’s cheat sheet image for its prettiness and sheer quantity of information, what I always wanted for my guide was a sortable table so you could quickly see which Kingdoms had the Tribute mix you wanted. The wiki’s given me a chance to make it so (Thanks @MrSammy!)

Feedback welcome on the summary table (PM or wiki message rather than cluttering up this thread), but please don’t edit the table unless you’re an experienced wiki editor - getting it to work as well as it does needed some effort.


Great work @MrSammy!!! This will be a great resource for all players. :smiley:


@actreal that’s great! You can remove the other.


Depending on how many you’ve used already (say on Glade Warden), at least 4 are (currently) useless because there are (currently) only 6 Common troops needing one each. I happened to know this one, but for every other traitstone, this guide from KAYA43V3R has the totals.

However, in March, the Spring Imp will be along, needing 18 of these babies.

Nevertheless, it would be handy to have tables for each Traitstone showing which troops need how many of each, so you know which ones to save up and which ones you can freely spend on boosting Kingdom Power.


Ok, I’m giving up for today. :stuck_out_tongue:
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Is it on purpose that stat tables on troop pages don’t include the stats from ascending? Or am I missing something?


If they counted for ascension the lists would be infinitely larger, as accounting for only the higher tier levels would likely provide further confusion. Just apply the “+1 to all stats but Magic” rule and they’ll work fine for the time being.


I meant only for the levels that cannot be achieved with original rarity.
Take Ranger for example, if he’s level 18 he has to be ascended to at least an epic, right? And the column color is purple to show this is indeed an epic Ranger, yet his stats for that column are those of a level 18 rare Ranger, which shouldn’t exist.


The most effective way to incorporate ascension stats without causing confusion would be a table able to expand outwards to account for ascended rarities.

If the current tables accounted for ascension stats then you could no longer apply +1 to the entire table per ascension without the previous rarities becoming jumbled in your head when calculating.


I was sure that’s what the column color is used for, to account for ascension status. Why would you color the L18 column purple, unless you meant for people to read it as “those are the stats for an epic”? If you’re meant to look at the whole table as the stats for the base rarity, then the colors have to go away, since they’re just more confusing this way.


I’m with @yonizaf. I think the level 16+ stats should include the ascension bonuses since there’s no way you can have a level 18 ranger without the ascension bonuses to Epic. The table should show the stats a player would see if they leveled that Troop that far (i.e. with ascension bonuses).


What ascension bonus are you talking about? They get +1 per stat per level starting at lvl16, no?


They get +1 per stat for the ascension itself, besides getting +1 per stat for the extra level. Ascending to legendary (and probably mythic) gets +1 to magic too.

My legendary Ranger has 14 attack and 5 magic (excluding team/kingdom bonuses) compared to 11 and 4 in the wiki.


Am I miscalculating something? I take away my kingdom and ascension bonuses from the skills section of my troops page and the stats are different on the wiki, The base stats too.

I’ve always forgot which troops have which trait, so that’s been massively helpful for me already, thank you :smiley:


I took the stats from the info troop, and just added +1 for each level after 15.
That’s exactly why I need people like you finding issues!

So, is there an ascencion bonus at each ascencion?

I’d test, but I only have legendaries or mystics…


All stats except magic go up by 1 each ascension. Magic only goes up by 1 on epic to legendary, and legendary to mythic ascension. But that’s all fine on the wiki because you haven’t shown the ascension bonus and just the normal leveling bonus (where magic doesn’t increase on any troops leveling from 15 to 20 (I think))

Ah damn, I see it now. The stats from the troop list are in a different order from the ones on your wiki, I think they got mixed up in some cases. Acolytes attack and armour are mixed up etc.


@Ragereaver, I’ll look into it! Thanks!