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The order they appear in on all the Level Up screens for Troops and Heroes.

I agree the order in the Troop List would also be a valid choice, but my preference would be as they appear in game when I’m thinking about levelling (and therefore referring to the wiki).


@yonizaf, @MarvelKit, I recreated all thetroops today. The primary mana should now be fixed. Could you please verify and let me know?

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Really? I never noticed! I always skip that part.
I’ll look into it tomorrow if I have the time… If I like it, I’ll change it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Crescendo should be Green/Purple. You have purple/yellow.

I wasn’t sure how to fix it, so I didn’t mess with it.

@Esoxnepa: Fixed it. :wrench:

If you happen to notice any other minor fixes (typos, pictures missing, wrong colors, etc.) like this that need altering, feel free to contact me via my Message Wall.

Attack and Armor icons are mixed up - i.e:
Armor is next to Hydra having 10 at lvl15 and 15 at lvl20,
and Attack is next to Hydra having 5 at lvl15 and 10 at lvl20.

Seems to be the same across all troops.

Yeah it was sadly not just acolyte, I was using him as an example. But Sammy rest and let others edit it , you’ve done enough lol.

Thanks! But, in that case, it was an issue with a template… Affecting all the troops. I fixed it. It might take a few minutes to propagate.

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I checked a few that were wrong before, and they seem correct now. I may check some more later.

I created template were you just have to enter the stats of the troop. To create the troops, I have an excel that generates the page of the creature. It seems I did not save the excel properly last time, after fixing the same issue…

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Just scanned through the troops…

  • Siren - is showing as green/brown instead of green/purple
  • Should the Spider Swarm be shown in the troop list (given it is one we can only summon)?

Also…not sure if you’ve used the same map but the World Map (next to Wiki link) on GoW website still has Darkstone obscured.

Hmmm, that’s funny… Thanks for letting me know! I changed it.

Well, I don’t know where else to put it… Any suggestion?

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If I search for troops with the stoneskin trait, goblin shaman is listed too.

I like its location, it’s the only troop in the game that is not also a regular card…and it’s bad besides…I wouldn’t change the standard on an oddity unless more and more summon onlys are released.

We’re not going to do any more summon-only troops.
In fact, in 1.0.9, the Spider Swarm will have a home in Zhul’Kari with all his spider-friends


The question is, will existing summoned troops be fixed … including Daemonic Pact …

I just misread that. Question still relevant!

Quick suggestion towards new troops stats:

Since the Ascension Bonusses now depend on the troop they should be included among those troop stats. @MrSammy?

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Wasn’t this topic pinned to the top before?

It still is, but each user can unpin it for themselves. I know I did it by mistake once, maybe you did too.

You can just re-pin it back if you want.

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aha, thanks!