Gow staff what are you showing us¡?

Maybe I’ve seen to much hentai lately but this really looks like a tentacle :joy:

I think this says more about you than us :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, being a hentai lover is more than a choise. Its a life style! Nothing to be ashame. :kappaface:

There is no way anyone who is not into hentai can see a tentacle there. I still don"t see it. O_o

Hahaha but am not actually into it and I see it clearly! D’:

Still looks like a rock to me…

Totally a rock.

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I watch too much hentai each night.

Maybe it’s a tentacle pretending to be a rock…?

Don’t encourage him…

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How you grandpas dont see it… I clearly see the tip of a tentacle there.

Some kind of Rorschach thing going on there…

I have no idea what this guy is seeing…I will say that sword is one of my favorite pieces of art though!